Graffiti?? On a quilt??

A couple of months ago, I have a customer contact me about quilting her quilt. She had a logo that she wanted quilted on it like graffiti. This is the kind of thing I love…..something new, something challenging, something fun.

I finished up last month and it has made it’s way back to her!

Here are a few pictures of it.

I printed out the logo and kept it right by me as I quilted. I marked the logo in random sizes and places. I wanted it to look like they were just “draw” on randomly.

Thanks Mary for letting me quilt such a special quilt! You can see more pictures of this quilt on her Flickr page and while you are there you can join my flickr page, Quilted by Angela.

Thanks for looking!




  1. Impressive quilting, it fits this quilt, which btw I really like!

  2. The quilting looks great and really works well with the logo and the pattern. Did you use a metallic thread? Or is that just my parents’ monitor acting up?

    • Thank you! I didn’t use a metallic thread. Mary, my customer, wanted the logo to blend in and not be overwhelming to the quilt top. I quilted the logo in a slightly darker thread so it could be seen. Then I quilted the remainder of the quilt with a thread that was a shade lighter.

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