Quilt Market

You may have not noticed……but I have been a little MIA lately. But there is a good reason, I have been super busy quilting quilts for Quilt Market (an industry quilt convention).  In fact, I quilted 43 (!) quilts for market, all within the last month and a half.

Now that I am at Quilt Market in Salt Lake City, I am having fun seeing all my hard work in one place. I took plenty of pictures and can finally show them to you.

I have had the opportunity to quilt several quilts for the Robert Kaufman booth. They are so great to work with and it was awesome seeing them all again.

This beautiful batik quilt was so much fun!

Since I had such a beautiful quilt in my possession, I had to take some fun photos before I sent it back.

In the lighter strips, I quilted horizontal wavy lines and in the darker sections, I quilted a swirly allover. I wanted the quilting to help the different sections stand out.

A close up of the back shows a little bit of the detail.

Another quilt that the folks at Robert Kaufman gave me was this quilt for designer Amanda Murphy.

The second that I saw this quilt, I knew that I was going to quilt feathers in the corners and add a ton of detail to the applique center.

I added a little detail around the flower to “jazz” it up a bit. Then within the applique, I quilted pebbles only in the white areas. I wanted the other portions of the flower to really stick out.

I also quilted a little flower in the bottom of the circle. This flower was in her fabric line and I thought it would be a nice touch to  replicate it.

A close up shot of the border detail.

For this quilt, I went with some designs that were a little more traditional than I normally use, but I really think that it worked!

I will be back with more quilts that I quilted for Market. In the meantime, I am having a blast meeting people and seeing all the new things coming out in the quilting world.

Thanks for looking!!



  1. Gorgeous quilting. Absolutely amazing. I have yet to see anyone that can do a better job.

  2. Your work amazes me more each time mate!!!
    These are fantastic!

  3. You put my quilting to shame. I love to free hand but am still so traditional. I can do the stippling but I am still learning. And my machine is a medium throat and it seems like I am constantly turning turning turning. Yep, won’t be showing my work for a while. Yours is beautiful. Maybe by winter I will be better.

  4. oh, stunning as usual! I can’t wait to see what you did for Tula Pink!

  5. 43 quilts? You are a mad woman! But oh, so talented so I’m not surprised that so many people wanted you to quilt their projects. The Amanda Murphy quilt is absolutely spectacular!

  6. Fabulous!

  7. sillyandrea says:

    Absolutely wonderful – the center block detailing is just…. I don;t even have a word.

    If I was the designer I think I’d cry with happiness.

  8. Amazing! I can’t believe you have quilted 43 quilts in 1.5 months!! Have you slept?? I saw jaybird quilts first hand at the Philadelphia Modern Quilt Guild and your work is absolutely gorgeous.

  9. Amazing, both the quilting and the fact you’ve done 43 in the last month and a half! You are one creative woman!

  10. wonderful!! I’m looking at the applique with the pebbling on the white only – very nice effect – did you also outline quilt the colors? Or did pebbling alone give them such a great definition?

  11. 43! That’s incredible! Especially because I know each one was done with the care and attention shown to these first ones. Did you sleep at all this past month?

    I’m working on scraping the cash together to buy a longarm and start a business, so your work is so inspirational. Right now I’ve been thinking I’d love to have one quilt I’ve done go to market!

  12. your quilting is just amazing!!! have fun at market!

  13. Sharon Vickery says:

    Absolutely beautiful quilting. Words just don’t seem enough to describe the beauty that you create with your quilting. Angela, your my girl, luv ya.

  14. Have fun at Market, Angela. Beautiful quilting! 43 quilts? Wow! I think you’re going to need a vacation.

  15. 43?! Wow girl!! The quilting on Veranda is a-mazing!! I wish I could have seen them in person.

  16. Georgieanna says:

    great job on the quilts. You are awesome, it takes a lot of work It takes a special man to help out the the kiddos.

  17. OH MY GOSH! You are amazing! I just discovered your blog. Excuse me while i pick my jaw up from the floor! Loving all of your work! You inspire me!

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