More quilt market quilts

One of the best things about quilting so many quilts for quilt market is that I have a bunch of stuff to blog about!

Next up……..

I quilted a quilt for Jessica Levitt that features her newest fabric line, Kingdom.

Here we are at market, hamming it up for the camera! I worked with her last summer, quilting some quilts for her upcoming book, Modern Mix, but we had never met. So it was a lot of fun to hang out and get to know her even better. I think I have made a friend for life!

Ok……back to the quilt……

I found inspiration in her fabric, and recreated the design in the quilting. I also know she is a fan of geometric quilting so I added in the diamonds in the sashing……very royal…..don’t you think?

She always has intricately pieced backs for her quilts.

A close up shot of the piecing. You can’t tell from the pictures but the dark gray areas were only 1/4″. Wow!

A funny story about this quilt, which wasn’t so funny at the time, is that I loaded it sideways. She had told me how it was supposed to go on and I totally forgot and, of course, loaded it wrong. I didn’t realize until I had quilted the first block. AARRGGH!!! I was so mad at myself and had to remove….all….the…..quilting. I was super thankful that I didn’t get it all finished before I noticed. It was such a rookie mistake, but in my defense…..I was tired!

Thanks for looking, I will be posting more Quilt Market pictures soon!



  1. yay! love Jessica Levitt and that quilt looks amazing!

  2. Cindy Wendt says:

    Wow Angela, Beautiful Quilting and Jessica, gorgeuos fabric, purple my fave. Both Very Talented Ladies.

  3. that quilt is amazing! Definitely, the only thing that could have improved it is your quilting!

  4. Beautiful stained glass effect, don’t you think?

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