Quilting with…….Voile

Selection is a great thing, especially when it comes to the many different types of fabric available for quilting.

Voile, a lightweight woven fabric, is often used for clothing or furnishings. But this luscious fabric makes a great quilt as well. Tula Pink used voile from her new fabric line, Prince Charming, and made a quilt out of it. The finished result was a ultra-light, oh-so-soft quilt. If you were at the Spring quilt market, you may have seen it in her booth.

It was so much fun to quilt! If you are thinking about making a quilt out of voile, here are a few things I noticed.

Batting- For this quilt, Tula wanted a light silk batting, which added to the softness of the quilt. But I think any high-quality, low loft batting would work great

Amount of Quilting: I used less quilting than I normally would. I didn’t want the amount of quilting to take away from the softness of the quilt.

Quilting with voile fabrics on the front and back result in a super-soft quilt
Tula used voile for the backing as well and the result was pure deliciousness. I didn’t have any problems loading this on the quilt frame or while quilting. I would definitely recommend it!

Thread Tension: Getting the tension right was a little tricky. Since voile fabric is finer than normal quilting cotton, I had to make sure that the tension was perfect. If was off, even slightly, it would have been noticeable. But once I had the tension right, I didn’t have to mess with it the rest of the time.

Thread Type: I used the same thread I always use, Superior So Fine. However, I am sure most machine quilting thread would have worked. I would love to try silk thread on the next one.
I love machine quilting voile fabric.

What do you think? Have you machine quilted voile fabric? Do you have any pointers? I would love to read your comments on the subject!

Happy quilting!




  1. Should I make a voile quilt so you can try out that silk thread??????

  2. I have never made a voile quilt, but now I sure want to!

  3. Oh wow! Delicious! I’m even more impressed by your quilting now that I’ve taken a long arm class…

  4. I bet bamboo batting would work well too. It’s lighter than cotton but strong so it would give some stability to the voile. I used it in a silk quilt I made but I haven’t made a voile one (yet)

  5. it looks great… maybe i’ll give voile a whirl sometime soon!

  6. i have yet to touch any voile… i didn’t realize people were using it in quilts… thanks for all the info on it… excellent!

  7. nutellacrepe says:

    I bought some for a quilt online, not realizing how very light voile is. When I received it, I decided it would make a pretty scarf. I didn’t really consider using it because I was worried it would be too fragile, especially since what I had planned mostly involved regular quilting weight cotton (and mixing weights encourages tears). I am encouraged by your post to consider trying it out with all voile (no weight differential problem), and it now occurs to me that it might be the perfect experiment for foundation piecing with muslin, since it’s so light that it probably wouldn’t interfere much with quilting over the extra layer.

  8. Brilliant concept and execution!

  9. I have a major crush on voile- ohhhh soooo soft! I have made lots of aprons for my shop from voile- and had some tiny rectangle scraps I had been hoarding for a while now- My sister in law just had a birthday and got a new slr camera- so I decided to turn said scraps into a camera strap cover- which i free motion quilted her name into on one side and a long feather on the other side- I used warm and natural cotton batting and it worked perfectly. I used muslin on the reverse side and had no tension problems- the nice thing for us non long-arm quilters is that this fabric glides like silk under the presser foot- and makes the quilting look so fluid and smooth- I really enjoyed quilting with the voile and will certainly do more with it in the future. I loved your post and am so excited that you are encouraging others to try it too!

  10. Gorgeous quilt and quilting! I have a 1950′ crazy quilt made with voile.
    While it is extremely beautiful, it does not hold up well over time. I will
    have to replace pieces that have shredded. I love it though- voile has
    a glowing quality. Even black looks like it is shimmering.

  11. Yikes, thsi is GORGEOUS. The combination of both yours and TP’s talents is pure heaven!!


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