An interstate love song…..machine quilting song lyrics

When Heather of {House} of A La Mode contacted me about quilting for her, I was stoked. I knew that whatever she sent me would be fun to quilt. I was correct. She sent me a quilt with the instructions to quilt the lyrics to “Interstate Love Song” by STP somewhere in the quilt. Now this is something right down my alley.

Here is a picture of the finished quilt that I sent back to her.

When I saw the quilt, I knew that I wanted to quilt the lyrics in the diagonal rows, following the lines. I filled in between the words with loops and swirls and other fun designs.

For the borders, I asked Heather what direction she wanted the quilting to go in. she suggested zig zags, stars, and masculine. I think that I met all her requests.

I used the quilting to extend the pieces parts of the quilt,filling in between them with pebbles.

I added a couple of stars, randomly thrown in the borders.

A full view of the back of the quilt.

My husband once asked me if I ever got tired of quilting, and I said, “absolutely not!” Especially when I get to try new things all the time.

In other happenings, I am getting my quilts together for my trip to LA. I am so excited to meet the members of the LA modern quilt guild and to get to talk about one of my favorite things, quilting! If you are going to be in the LA area August 6th-8th, come see me at Sew Modern. I would love for you to come. I will be talking about Machine Quilting for the Modern quilt….I may or may not have some sneak peeks into my upcoming book…….

I am also excited to go because I used to live in LA. This will be my first time back in almost 20 years! I already have plans to check out my old house and grade school. Any other really neat places I should check out while I am there?

A pic of me when I lived in California……say it together…..AHHHHHHH

If you are interested in having me speak at your quilt guild or quilt shopp, send me an email at

Happy Quilting!



  1. Awesome–you’re just awesome! This will be treasured forever.

  2. I had that SAME Big Bird costume as a kid! High five!

  3. Angelina S. says:

    Holy shit. You are amazing. Just amazing.

  4. Cathy A says:

    Give a wave to my house that I used to live in…it’s just 4 blocks from Sew Modern. I would have been able to walk there! Makes me miss the neighborhood when I read about Sew Modern. I grew up in the LA area, but this house was mine as an adult 15 years ago.

  5. This is really, really cool 😀

  6. Great quilting it looks fabulous. Have fun in LA.

  7. Fantastic quilting! Well done!!

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day.

  8. YOU know i lOVE that quilt!

    We need to finish the other 2 you have of mine soon too!!! hahahaa

    xoxoxoxo, H

  9. Hooray, I am a machine quilter too and have been looking for sources for inspiration. Now I have you! I even spotted my sister Jenny down a few posts!

  10. So wish I could see you there and get some tips. Posting the Value Quilt you did for me that we ended up not putting in the book:

    I love it!

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