The Ali Kemp Education (T.A.K.E.) quilt

Like I said in my last post, I never know what quilts are going to come my way. Each one comes into my life for a brief time, and then they move on. But some quilts stick in my mind forever. The Ali Kemp T.A.K.E. quilt is one of those quilts.

In 2002, Ali Kemp a 19 year old college student was murdered in a Kansas City suburb. In the aftermath of the tragedy, her parents formed The Ali Kemp Education foundation as a way to teach women self-defense.

Since then T.A.K.E. has hosted numerous self-dense classes showing thousands of women how to defend themselves from an attacker.

Using fabric donated by Kathy (owner of The Quilt Shoppe in Stewartsville), Tula Pink designed and pieced this quilt to give to the T.A.K.E. foundation. I was so honored to have a part in quilting this quilt.

When quilting this quilt, I knew that I wanted to emphasize the meaning behind the letters T.A.K.E. so I quilted the meaning in each letter.

I quilted all the stars the same, except for one. One star in the middle was quilted to represent Ali.

Although it is hard to see in my picture, I quilted her name in the middle and made it look like a shooting star to represent her brief, but bright life here on earth.

I am not affiliated with the foundation at all, but I would encourage you to follow their facebook page or their website to view a calendar of their upcoming classes.

Happy Quilting!



  1. val larson says:

    What a wonderful way to commemorate Ali! And the quilting on this is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful quilting, Angela. This is a wonderful project.

  3. Your quilting is always amazing and so thoughtful! 🙂

  4. what a beautiful quilt and how honored you must feel to be part of something so sad yet uplifting.

  5. That is simply beautiful. I want to look at it all day.

  6. Georgieanna says:

    You did an amazing job quilting that quilt

  7. You always take such care to remember the story behind the quilt and incorporate it into the designs you quilt!

  8. That is a beautiful quilt, and a beautiful effort. I’m sure her family will really appreciate the clear effort that went into honoring their daughter.

  9. Just love the guilt! Beautiful work done with love, it shows!


  1. […] isn’t the first emotional quilt I have quilted (see here or here for others that I have done) but this one sure got to me! There can be so much nastiness on the […]

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