Hey! That’s my quilt!

When I opened my email the other day, I had a happy surprise…..the Fon’s & Porter newsletter. Normally that isn’t the highlight of my day, but that day it was. Beacuse when I opened up the ad, this is what I saw…….

It’s my Project Modern quilt which I have blogged about here. I was excited when Gammill offered me the opportunity to submit some of my quilts, and even more excited to see the finished ad. Talk about happy mail!

Happy Quilting!



  1. Congrats! Beautiful quilt–your work is always unique and gorgeous!

  2. poppyinpink says:

    How wonderful for you. What a lovely encouragement too it must be have your work recognised in this way. Having looked at your work I can appreciate why it was chosen..it is beautiful on so many levels, well done and congratulations!

  3. Cindy Wendt says:

    Angela, I actually saw that this morning too and thought what a fantastic quilt. That was when opening the Gammill newsletter.
    Also this morning, I opened a Sew Daily newsletter and they have a Worldwide Quilt and sewing comp going and I thought after seeing your quilt, “Now this is the type of Quilt that wins competitions” for originality and workmanship.
    You should enter, that is if you still have your Quilt on hand and can take an upright pic, and of course if it is in the size they want.
    But you should enter. ;o)

  4. …and it’s gorgeous!

  5. Your quilt looks like a beautiful work of art. You’re lucky to be so talented.

  6. That is so cool–you should frame a copy and put it on your sewing room wall to always remind yourself!

  7. I knew when that email popped up in my mail that it was YOUR quilt. You have such a distinctive style. Congratulations, friend! 🙂

  8. Congratulations! The photo’s perspective is amazing!

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