Lego Birthday Party

Last weekend, we celebrated my son’s 9th birthday with a Lego party. This was the first time we invited the boys in his class so I knew that I wanted to go all out! It is, after all, the first birthday party I have thrown since joining pinterest.

Since there is so much to talk about, I am going to break it up into 2 separate blog posts. This first one will discuss the dessert table and the second one will discuss the rest of the party.


Happy Birthday Banner

Thanks to a downloadable Lego font, I was able to make the “Happy Birthday” banner. I printed out each letter on red paper and sewed the paper onto blue bias binding. It couldn’t have been easier and I couldn’t have been happier with the turnout!

To decorate the table, I picked different size boxes and wrapped them with solid wrapping paper. I used this printable to print lego bumps in different colors to coordinate with the boxes. I also used the lego bumps to wrap around the juice boxes.

I purchased picture frames and a generic lego set from the dollar store and glued blocks around the edges. I sure didn’t want to use the real, more expensive legos!

I did the same thing with a paper mache letter D to make a centerpiece that my son could put in his room

I used green spray paint paint to paint bubble wrap to look like the lego boards.


Once the table was set up, it was time to add the yummy part, the desserts!

My mother-in-law, Debi, made cupcakes and a little cake for drake. On a total, random side note, go check out her blog. She has lost 80 lbs and is sharing her journey as well as dieting tips that have worked for her.

Using a mold I bought from amazon, I made chocolate legos to add on top. (I purchased Wilton brand candy melts, microwaved them and poured it into the mold.)

I made extra candy legos and laid them on the dessert table as well.

I used the same mold to make gummie legos, which were a huge hit with the kids. These were more labor intensive then the candy gummies so I didn’t make as many!

I love a dessert table with lots of different kinds of goodies, so I used some clear tubs and filled them will different hard candies. Then I used the candies to hold up the mini-figure marshmallow pops. Even if they didn’t look authentic, they were easy to make and gone in a flash!

To make them, I stuck a stick into a marshmallow and rolled it in melted yellow candy melts, making sure to cover the top of the marshmallow as well. Then I set them upside down on a cookie sheet until they were hardened. To draw the faces, I used a toothpick and black icing.

In my next blog post, I will share pictures of the rest of the party. After that, I promise to get back to quilted related post!



  1. LOVE the lego people faces! TOO cute and clever!

  2. my son loves legos too 🙂 love the gummy legos and marshmallow heads! my kids would go crazy for those!

  3. How fun! My son is turning 9 tomorrow (the 24th) and he has also asked for a Lego cake! We’re not having a party, just cake and ice cream after dinner with the family. I’ll be making a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and using unwrapped Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups pressed into the frosting as the Lego dots!


  4. I e-mailed your blog post to my daughter who has an 8 year old son who is crazy about Lego. It’s his 9th birthday soon. This is such a cute idea, and done well too.

  5. You are a very creative with that project. GREAT JOB!!

  6. So true Angela, kids and Legos are amazing. Don’t worry, they will always be attached to them. We had Lego cufflinks for my son’s groomsmen. Awesome!! Great fun, since they mostly became friends back during the Lego days. Enjoy this time.


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