Lego Party~ Part 2

In an earlier post, I talked about the dessert table at the Lego party that I had for my 9 year old son. In this post, I will show you the rest of the party!

Since we were going to have a houseful of rowdy boys, I set up two tables.

I set each setting with a lego bingo sheet, a goody bag that they could color on, and a lego nametag.

As the kids arrived, I had them color their goody bag with some lego crayons I had made using a lego mold that I had purchased.
A hysterical side note, my husband told his little brother that the lego crayons were chocolate so he popped one in his mouth and chewed it up…..eeeww! You never can trust those big brothers!

After the kids arrived, we began the lego bingo game, which was a huge success! My son decorated the table with legos so the kids used those to mark the spaces. Each kid that got a BINGO! won a lego birthday minifigure that I had got with the birthday party pack that I purchased through Lego.

Since I had a few girls at the party, I wanted to make sure that I had fun stuff for them to do as well! They got to make lego rings.

I purchased a cheap set of play rings from the dollar store and hot glued small lego blocks to them. I put them in the center of a snack tray and added in a whole bunch of different small legos. The girls were able to build up their rings and show them off proudly.

While the girls did this, the boys played at a small lego table we had borrowed for the party.

Once the boys started getting restless (I realized quickly that I had to keep them entertained or chaos would ensue!), we sang happy birthday and let them get treats from the dessert table. My beautifully arranged dessert table was demolished with minutes! I took that as a good thing, the boys loved picking out their treats!

After they ate a bunch of sugary treats, we fed them even more sugar…..cotton candy!

We had a cotton candy machine at the house and the kids loved watching as my husband made them each their own cotton candy. I am fairly certain that if we had just an empty basement and a cotton candy machine, they would have been just as happy!

After the sugar high of the cotton candy wore off, we brought out the pinata.

Have you ever looked for a lego pinata?? They aren’t easy to find, so I had to make on myself! Using a box, tissue paper, empty applesauce cups and blue spray paint, I made a pinata that I thought looked pretty good!

Giving a bunch of boys a stick to whack a pinata didn’t sound particularly fun so I made it a pull string pinata. I cut a flap in the bottom of the box and poked holes in the flap. I used some thin nylon rope (although any kind of string or twine would work) and fed a string through each of the holes. I chose one of the pieces and tied a knot on the end that was going to be inside the box. The rest the pieces were left untied. I loosely taped the flap closed so that when the string with the knot was pulled it would pull the whole flap down. When the rest of the pieces were pulled they simply came out. It was so fun! The boys tried so hard to pick which one was the right one and it ended up getting pulled almost last. The pinata was filled with candy and random legos!

Then Drake got to open his presents and the party wrapped up!

Whew! Makes me tired just thinking about it all! My other daughter just informed me that she wants to have her birthday party at Build-A-Bear and after all the planning for this party, I am totally fine with that!



  1. that lego pinata is THE most clever pinata ever! GENIUS!

    • YUMMY!!!!As for owning your art .I find that when I am kckeond off track by another person’s work I am forgetting that the reason I am drawn to it in the first place because that person has been successful in being true to him/herself. AND rather than knock myself off course to try to be like that person I am admiring, I should be more courageous about being very attentive to being totally myself.I had never thought of grouting idea with patches, but have done some mosaics!! Thanks for that thought!

  2. Wow! Looks like a good time was had by all.
    You sure put a lot of work into this party.

  3. Paula Coleman says:

    You certainly made your son’s day! One can see you did an awesome job at all of the little details, fun stuff and the whole party. What a clever theme for a 9yr old. When they get that age and above it starts getting a little tougher to choose a theme. I enjoyed your photos and thank you for sharing them.

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