A winner and a dilemma

Thanks to everyone who voiced their opinion in my blog post about quilting for books, “do-able or eye candy?” It seems that most people like the eye candy quilting but also want designs that they would feel comfortable doing. Or to coin a phrase from a person on twitter, “do-able eye candy”. How is that for an answer!!!

The winner of the kona color card and sari notebook is…….


Sarah I will send you an email!

And not for my dilemma…..it’s not a horrible dilemma, but I just can’t make up my mind! I have promised myself that I will sew and quilt a few things for myself this year, and I intend to follow through. I pieced this cute lap size quilt using colors that are a challenge for me, especially purple.

I used a green and purple shot cotton and some of Tula Pink’s parisville fabric. Usually before I even start making a quilt top, I already have the quilting designs in mind. But not with this one, I am not sure how I want to quilt it. One one hand, I want to quilt it like I quilted my paintfalls quilt, but on the other hand, I think I should try something different.

Usually when I am stumped, I go ahead and load the quilt and start quilting it. Sometimes, just starting the process gets the ideas flowing!

Happy Quilting!



  1. load it, say a prayer to the Holy Spirit and go with your heart.

  2. Clown pantograph? Just kidding! I’d load it and then just start doodling. It’ll happen. And the design really is just screaming for something different in every section. Maybe you’ll come up with some awesome new fillers.

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