A quiet book for my daughter

I am not usually a person that feels the need to finish up projects that I have started. UFO’s (unfinsihed objects) usually get put in tubs never to see the light of day. However, I am starting to feel guilty about not finishing things that I have made for other people. So last night, I sat down and finished a quiet book that I started to make for my youngest daughter.

I was inspired to make one of these after I saw Shea’s. I loved her quiet book and all the details that she put into it. However, I knew that there was no way that I would ever finish it, and if I did, there was no way I would let my kids play with it! I would be so afraid that they would ruin it or lose it. So I decided to make a much simpler version for my daughter, that way if she lost it or the pieces, I wouldn’t be quite as devestated.

First Page

When I started this quiet book 1 year ago (!), my aunt and friend began to laugh. “You will never finish that,” they teased. And they were right…..I started it, finished 4 pages and then sent it to it’s bin where it has spent the last year. But recently, my daughter was digging in my stuff and pulled it out and began to play with the pages even though they weren’t sewn together. It made me realized that “finished is better than perfect”. So instead of doing all the little things that I planned on doing to it, I just finished what I already had done.

I made it more like a matching book, using some of my favorite fabrics. Each page has a piece that matches it. I added some hot pink handles and used a fun blue and pink fabric for the cover. (the only reason that I bought that fabric is that is was called “Cloe’s Imagination” and since my daughter’s name is Cloe, I had to buy it)

I plan to make another one, eventually. I would love to add her name to the front, a button to close it, and lots more pages. But for right now, finished is definitely better than perfect!

No more sewing for myself today, I have customer quilts to get to. But it is amazing how a little break and a little of sewing for me makes me feel so much better.

Here’s hoping you have a happy weekend of quilting



  1. Nice job and it will be loved and appreciated so, yes I concur, finished is better that perfect…(now to finish something myself)

  2. Nice! You an always show me what to do and I can add a few pages into it, if you want lol!! 🙂

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