Quilting with Fleece

I recently had the opportunity to quilt some quilts for Aubrey, the gal behind the popular blog, Mauby’s. She is going to be releasing some new quilt patterns soon and I feel so priviliged to play a part in them! Since the patterns aren’t available yet, I can only show some sneak peeks of the back. But that is just fine, because the back is almost as fun as the front.

She chose to use fleece on the back of one of her quilts…..and I just love how it quilted up! Quilting with different kinds of fabrics, like voile, can be a fun experience or it can be stressful……thankfully quilting with fleece is not much different than quilting regular cotton.

Making a quilt out of fleece adds a special touch, it seems to make it softer and oh-so-warm! When quilting this quilt, I didn’t use a different needle or thread, I just used the same stuff I normally do. Some quilters prefer to not use batting when making a quilt out of fleece, but I think that batting adds stability to a quilt. This is especially the case when using cotton for the top and fleece for the back.

When loading a quilt with fleece backing on a longarm, make sure that you don’t tighten it too much. The stretchiness of the fleece will distort the quilt top once you take it off of the longarm. Trust me, I speak from personal experience!!

One thing to watch out for though, the super soft feel of the fleece will keep you distracted while quilting! I kept stopping to run my hands over the quilting….

I can’t wait until Aubrey debuts her new patterns so I can show pictures of the fronts of the quilts.

Happy Quilting!!



  1. Hi Angela, Can youtell me what type of fleece you use. I did some quilt backs with Anti-Pill fleece from J0-Ann Fabrics but after the first washing the fleece pilled, the pilling didn’t get worse after subsequent washings still it has that tired look from the first washing.

  2. Hi Ginger! (Hi Angela!) I used Moda Snuggles in Ivory on that quilt back. It is super, super soft. I’ve also used cuddle fabric by shannon fabrics which is double sided with the softness. The snuggles fabric is soft on one side and kind of silky on the other side. Whenever I have quilts out with the snuggles on the back I just HAVE to run my arm over it whenever I walk by! It’s SOOOOO Soft! 🙂

  3. Your quilting is gorgeous! I just did a quilt with this strange knit flannel for the backing and that was scary enough, I can’t imagine tackling fleece.

  4. Wow, what a great idea! I’ve not thought about using fleece. I think I’ll try it.


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