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So forgive me for two posts so close together….I know I should wait and post this tomorrow but I am too excited! You may remember the magazine that I have written couple articles for, Machine Quilting Unlimited. This magazine is focused on machine quilting, whether on a longarm, shortarm, or home sewing machine. It is available almost everywhere, but just in case you need more convincing, they have a free downloadable sample issue. All you have to do is sign up for their newsletter, and they will email you a link to download a sample issue.

But the best part is…..they have included my article “Machine Quilting for the Modern Quilt” in the free sample issue

This article is what I based my book on….so if you want a glimpse into what my book is going to be like, this is it!

To sweeten the deal even more, I am going to have a giveaway! Download the sample issue and then come back to my blog and comment on what you thought about it. Everyone that comments will be entered to win a Kona Color card and 1 yard of kona cotton solid fabric. I will draw a random winner next week.

Happy Quilting!



  1. I always love reading what you have to say. It is great to see your thought process as you are working through your design ideas.

  2. Awesome magazine. Guess i didnt pay much attention in the past because i assumed it was more for long- armers. Lots of ideas for everyone. Thanks. Oh and your quilting is amazing! Thanks for sharing. It is inspirational to say the least!

  3. I am motivated and inspired to tackle my pile of quilt tops! Thanks for the link.

  4. Just waiting for the link to download. I am so excited to read your article and can’t wait for your book to come out!

  5. Teresa Silva says:

    I already get this magazine after I saw it on your first post about it because I wanted to read your article. Very good and I can’t wait for your book.

  6. I’ll have to go back and actually read the whole issue later tonight, but I loved getting a glimpse into your process and how you get unstuck when faced with a large project. I always find myself hitting what we call “analysis paralysis” when faced with so many options. I want to explore them all and make sure I make the absolute best choice. This takes a while, obviously!

  7. Great article! As a newbie quilter the actual quilting process is what seems most daunting to me. The article gave me great ideas to think about when I get to that part!

  8. The article was great. Am looking forward to your book. I enjoy reading your posts and seeing your beautiful quilting.

  9. Thanks for the heads up on the newsletter and magazine.

  10. Hi what a lovely article you had in the special Issue, As I am a beginner quilter the whole issue was a big inspiration for me. Maybe it’s time to try something other “than in the ditch”. that Kona card is a dream for me as konacottons can’t be found in quilt shops in Sweden. but anyhow thank you for a great blog.

  11. Paula Coleman says:

    Any idea for quilting is an inspiration to me, especially if it comes from you. I totally admire you and your quilting. The article is wonderful and I especially like the quilting on the Alphabet quilt and the Cameo. Love it.

  12. For a while, I subscribed to this magazine, so it’s nice to see it again. New quilting designs are always appreciated, even by people like me who do free-motion quilting. Congratulations on being in this magazine. All the best with your new book too. Thanks for the chance to win your giveaway.

  13. I’ve always just kind of glanced and moved on with this magazine as I don’t own a long/mid quilting machine. But after seeing the preview, I can see how I can work the techniques into my home machine use. I liked the articles, including yours, that give ideas for how to incorporate your quilt’s design, fabric and feel into the design so that it gives a custom look. I’ll be checking back issues for beginner stuff to get started.

  14. Wow! I thought this magazine was for long arm quilters!! I’m so excited to find it, thank you!!! I can’t wait to read the rest. And congrats on being in a magazine!!!

  15. I love how many pictures are in your article. I really love everything I have seen that you have quilted, but I am so intimidated by free motion quilting. I know I will need to get over my fear and practice. I am very inspired by how you use your quilting to enhance the design of quilts. I am putting your book on my wish list.

  16. Loved your article. It opened my eyes to some different ways to quilt my tops. Thank you!

  17. I like how you not only explain your ideas but provide pictures as well. For some people pictures are easier to learn from then by reading a quilt pattern. I struggle with learning from reading so often times I have others show me how to cut fabric, layout, and what the blocks look like when done. A picture is worth a 1,000 words and yours came out wonderful 🙂

  18. Wow – thanks for that link! I can’t wait to read your article. I’ve downloaded the magazine, but will have to wait until later tonight to get a chance to read it. It looks very inspiring 🙂

  19. Great article and magazine. I have found a distributor in New Zealand and have subscribed so thank you.

  20. Interesting magazine, I found the item on sashiko really interesting even though I don’t have the machine and won’t be getting it. My husband would not be pleased if I got yet another machine!

  21. Hi Rachelle

    Barb Hollinger’s article on Sashiko is for those who don’t have a Sashiko machine. Barb uses a fairly old domestic machine, and figured out a few techniques to accomplish Sashiko quilting on her own machine! I’m glad you like the magazine! All the articles in the Free Sample issue are wonderful – especially Angela’s! We try and have articles of interest to machine quilters at every level.
    (Full disclosure – I’m the Managing Editor of Machine Quilting Unlimited.)

  22. I really enjoyed your article and your tips for designing modern quilts. I am really interested in traditional and modern style quilts mixed together and found the Cartwheels Quilt inspiring. Thank you for introducing me to this magazine!

  23. I like the way the magazine has both informative articles and practical application tips as well as pieced and art quilts. I especially enjoyed your article because it helps me to “think” like a quilter. The quilting part really makes me nervous. I can see how naturally quilting comes to you so it’s nice for me to read about the process! My favorite was the red moon quilt–those circles were mesmerizing!

  24. I’m in an entrepreneurial class and am using quilting service and online sale of modern fabrics as my model. Trying to describe modern quilting was difficult. Wish I had read this first. You did an awesome job. I didn’t realize this style is so new.

    Thank you for all the great tips on using space and patterns for inspiration. I have pre-ordered your book and just can’t wait.

  25. Your article was very well written. This mag will help me with my quilting so much! Thanks for the tip.

  26. You have such amazing talent and ideas! I just finished my first quilt. I expected that my favorite part would be working with the fabrics: the color selection, the piecing, and sewing the whole quilt top together. I was shocked to find that my favorite part was the quilting! I absolutely loved the humming of my machine and guiding the fabric through! I can’t wait to try it again, and your work inspires me to do more. Cheers to you, and congrats on your article!

  27. scrapperdeb says:

    I just downloaded the issue and went straight to your article. I actually never knew there was so much to think about when quilting. i liked the section of the article that talked about texture and scaling part to fill in blank areas. Your work is wonderful….I need you to spend the day with me and help me practice! 🙂

  28. Great blog. I have never heard of this magazine but I will be sure to look for it. Thanks for the link, I will have to check out the sample.

  29. Candy Chin says:

    The article in MQU was great. I enjoy the magazine tremendously. It has som many good articles. Can’t wait for you book to come out. I love your work.

  30. Thanks for introducing me to this magazine. I’ve read a little and enjoyed so far. I love your series Deciding what to quilt. Thanks for that.

  31. Sandy McClellan says:

    Really enjoyed your article and the magazine.I think with and little encourgement I may be ready to take on the mid arm I bought.Thanks Sandy

  32. ashlyn benson says:

    I am looking into getting a long arm machine and this artical has made me want one more. thank you for all the wonderful ideas.


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