Feather Friday

I love quilting feathers……I mean, I really love quilting feathers. I think it is because it was the one design that I just couldn’t get. I tried and I tried, but they never looked quite right. I had even convinved myself that I would never be able to quilt feathers. Then, I took a longarm class, the only one I have ever taken…..(that’s not bragging, that’s complaining!) and it was about feathers. Watching the teacher describe it it, step-by-step, it finally clicked…..and I have been wanting to quilt feathers ever since.

I know that not everyone like feathers…..*sigh* So when I get the chance to quilt feathers on a quilt, I get really excited. Take for instance, this quilt made by John, aka Quiltdad.

This quilt is in issue 8 of Fat Quarterly!

Photo by: John Adams

I really wanted the quilting to emphasize the pattern, so I quilted the feathers to look as though they were traveling up the quilt.

And of course, the back of the quilt….


How about some more feather eye candy?

Natalia quilted this quilt and just blogged about it yesterday……love the feathers!!

Photo by Natalia

Or this feather that I quilted on Tula’s quilt:

Some more feathers on my Moda Bake Shop quilt:

If you don’t like traditional feathers you can check out my plume feather tutorial here….it is more like a fern than a feather.

Or if you love the traditional feathers and want to learn how to do them…Sewcalgal has a great tutorial on her on her blog by Diane Gaudynski.

Happy Feather-full Quilting!



  1. Lisa Ronning says:

    Angela – I LOVE your quilting! It inspires me to make better quilts. Thank you!

  2. wonderful feathers! you can change up feathers in many ways. Yours are gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful. I love feathers too. they are my fav and i have to force myself to try something else on a quilt because i dont want to be in a feather rut anymore than a stipling rut. I like that “figure eight thingy” that i have seen on your quilts. I want to try that. I looks amazing in borders and my imagination usually has trouble with the narrower ones. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Gorgeous as usual!

  5. Love the letters on Parisville… stunning!

  6. thanks for the link, I totally agree with you, feathers used to scare me, I was always so intimidated by them and just didn’t seem to get them, now I LOVE them! They can add so much to a quilt! 🙂

  7. who doesn’t love feathers??? I mean really… They add so much romance and whimsy to any quilt. I can’t get enough of them- instead of “putting a bird on it” I want to put a feather on every quilt I touch. They were a bit hard at first, but once you get the hang of it they are so very addicting. I LOVE your feathers, especially the Parisville one- just fantastic! Thanks for they eye candy- makes me want to quilt a feather right now!!


  1. […] quilting to be the same way. For the girl version, I quilted feathers (we all know how much I love feathers!) and flowery […]

  2. […] Since the quilting blends into the front of the quilt, here is a photo of the back of the quilt. I just love feathers! […]

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