A new friend!

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to give a private lesson in my studio. My new friend, Kristi, came over and spent a couple hours with me.

She asked questions, watched me quilt and got to look through the quilts that were in my book (which I think was her favorite part!). She sent me the sweetest note that evening:

I want to thank you! I had the best time and you helped unlock my creativity. I was scared to try some new things but not anymore!! I appreciate your time and thoughts. You are awesome!! Keep up the good work! Looking forward to getting your book. Thanks so much!!

I love quilting but I especially love to teach others! I could talk about quilting all day!

On Monday, I will have the next post in the “Deciding what to quilt” series, and it will feature the Swoon quilt! And, I have a secret that I have been dying to tell you…….and on Monday, I will be able to share it!!! So make sure you don’t miss it! Have a great weekend!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Oh this was so fun to read! Glad I connected Kristi to you!! Love it!

  2. Hi Angela! I’ve followed your blog for years! And you’ve inspired me to start my own quilting blog. I’m sponsoring a contest there, and I’d be honored if you would keep this link in your comments section: http://sweetapplequilts.blogspot.com/2012/02/vote-for-leslie.html
    I’m trying to help my friend win the American Family Go Get Your Dream contest. Thank you!

  3. Oh Angela I found you by way of Julie Herman. Your work is amazing. Lucky Kristi to get to come and play but in the end I am more of a pack it up and send it kind of woman!

  4. Oh, secrets! now, I am intrigued – I always think of a new baby 🙂

  5. Angela, I know what you mean! I love to teach others and watch them get excited about quilting. And I always feel like I have a new friend when I teach someone. My husband can certainly agree that I could talk about quilting all day:)

    Thanks for great blog post!

  6. How exciting for Kristi! Quilters are such sharers, aren’t we? Love to share. Had out-of-town ladies at my store today- even more with whom to share quilting!

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