Hot off the rack~ Amber’s Quilt

I finished this quilt for Amber a few weeks ago and I have been dying to show you the pictures!

I didn’t think that I was a fan of the color purple or the habitat fabric line, until I quilted this quilt. It turns out I am a fan of both! Her use of color is just remarkable…….this was one of those quilts that was hard to give back!

When quilting a quilt that has so many different colors and shapes, it’s important to add a bit regularity to it. So I quilted each white piece with a pebble quilting design. Each block also had a gray center square, so I quilted each of them with the same design as well. But in the rest of the quilt, I just had fun. I quilted loopy designs, triangles, and squares. Since the prints were so bold, I knew they wouldn’t be overwhelmed by the variety!

And, of course, the back shows all the different designs used:

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  1. Oh Angela I just love what you’ve done with this quilt. Your quilting is just magnificent.

  2. You know when you go to a see a fireworks show. It’s dark. The fireworks explode into the sky and everyone says a collective…ooooh. And then the next one is launched, it’s quiet, and then all together everyone says ahhh. They are not trying to, they just can’t help it. What they are seeing is so beautiful. THAT is how I feel each time I see your quilting. Another amazing job Angela!!

  3. Aww – thanks so much Angela! I absolutely love it. Had to order some fabric for binding and I’m dying over here waiting for it to come so I can finish it!!

  4. This is absolutely stunning, I am such a huge fan- I would find it hard to give back too! You are amazing.

  5. Gorgeous!!!

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