Earlier today, my littlest one got into an old cabinet and dumped out a box full of pictures. I was soooooo frustrated until I looked at the picture in her hand:

Wow! This picture brings back so many memories for so many reasons!

When this picture was taken, my husband, Jeremy, and his grandparents were at our house. Grandpa was showing us how to load a quilt on a quilting frame so that we could hand quilt it. (Before Grandpa coerced Jeremy into getting me a quilting machine, we hand quilted some of our quilts.) This particular quilt was one that Jeremy and I had made for his mom. Can you see the three borders on the quilt? I thought that I was so innovative for doing that!

Over the course of several weeks, Grandma, Grandpa, Jeremy and I handquilted that king sized quilt. Looking back now, it was such a special time and I wish that at that moment I would have realized exactly how special it was. Not too long after this picture was taken, that handquilting frame was replaced with a big quilting machine and every thing else was moved out of the room to make way for my ever growing quilting stash.

I really believe that the reason that I am so passionate about quilting is because Grandpa was. He loved quilting and wanted other people to share in that joy with him.  I want to pass that same passion on to other people too.

I dedicated my book to him and I can’t help but think that he is in heaven smiling down on our whole family

I have heard it said that people spell love, T I M E. I am so thankful that he took the time to invest in my life. What can you do to invest in someone else’s life?

Happy Quilting!



  1. What a great post to read. I feel like I know him because I have heard you talk about him often.

    I take it Hailey wasn’t sent to time out? 🙂

  2. wow, this really makes a tear well up in my eye… I so understand the affection you shared for Grandpa, My Grandma is the same for me. I think he is definitely smiling on you from above and is so proud of how you are making his passion an amazing career. Thanks for this little reminder to appreciate the people we cherish while they are here.

    • I’m not gonna lie, I bawled while writing the post. I wish he was still here….but we need to cherish the times we have. 🙂

      • I bet you did. I probably would have too. Tears are a good thing though, the outpouring of emotion just needs to happen some times. My 10 year old niece called me out of the blue last night and was asking me all about my quilting. I made her a pillow cover for Christmas and she tells me she uses it as a quilt for her American Girl doll (so cute!) I could tell she really wanted to ask me something and finally she said- Next time I see you could you teach me how to make a quilt, I am a big girl now and I think I am ready. I want to be like you when I grow up. (bawling ensued) I thought of your post and how lucky I was to share my knowledge with a willing part of my younger generation.. HUGS!

  3. You are Blessed!!!

  4. Joan Hawley says:

    What a lovely memory and story. xoxo

  5. What a great story!

  6. Angela – I am new to your blog today (from Julie’s blog) — when I read your profile earlier today — it touched my heart and I became a follower (that AND the beautiful quilting !!)… Tonight your post brings tears to my eyes — thank you — you remind me to continue to spend time with my grandkids sewing, sharing, creating. Many thanks girl — you were/are a blessing to me.


  7. I love this story. What can I do to invest in someone else’s life? Is it coincidence that just today I have had 3 ladies approach me and asked if I ever taught anyone how to make a quilt. Is your blog today my sign? Now more to think about. Thank you for inspiring me.

  8. Mary ann says:

    Such a lovely post Angela….How lucky you are to know that love =time……how easy it is to forget that.

  9. So touching. Thanks for sharing your story.

  10. Great memory Angela! Time does mean love! and more people need to be reminded of that. I will be sharing your story with others.

  11. I love your quote about time!

  12. What a sweet story, I’m putting down my tissue now so i can tell you how much it means that you share your life with us. What a treasure to have quilted with your grandparents and husband, not many can say that for sure.

    I know your Grandpa is part of your never ending beautiful quilting and being an inspiration to so many


  1. […] thanks everyone for the sweet comments and emails about my last post about Grandpa! It’s always important to remember where we came […]

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