The Beanstalk Quilt

I had planned on writing out this blog post yesterday, instead I spent most of the day in bed sick…boo! I am still icky but I must keep on keepin’ on.

When I quilted the quilts for Tula Pink’s new book, I was in the middle of writing my own book and getting ready for Quilt Market….needless to say, It was a little crazy around here! But now that all the hard work is behind me, I am able to enjoy the fruits of my labor. Tula’s book, “Quilts from the House of Pink” came out in February and I am excited to share some pictures of it with you.

Tula Pink book

I quilted all the quilts in her book and the first one that I am going to talk about is her cover quilt, Beanstalk.

modern machine quilting

Picture of a page in the book

Here are some pictures I took when I was finished quilting it:

modern machine quilting on Tula Pink's quilt

Center of Quilt

free-motion quilting on a modern quilt

Back of Quilt

modern machine quilting

back of quilt

Some fun detail

I also love that her book shows close up shots of the quilting and talks about how I quilted it.

tula pink book

Thanks for reading….now I am off to crawl back in bed and pretend that I don’t hear the kids yelling and fighting!

Happy QUilti



  1. I am so sorry you are feeling yucky and bed is the best place for you but I hope you get better really fast. I just adore your quilting – you are the BEST ever.
    Patti xxx

  2. Anonymous says:

    Please take care of yourself and get well, we can live without hearing from you till you get better!

  3. Awesome quilting. So encouraged by all of you amazing young women who love to quilt!

  4. Really beautiful, Angela! Congrats again all the success and good things happening to you! Hope you get better.

  5. get well soon!

  6. Beautiful quilt…stunning quilting!!

  7. Beautiful quilting Angela! Prayers for you too!
    May God’s love overshadow you
    At this time you feel unwell
    And know we’re here thinking of you
    And praying for your good health.

  8. Stunning. Love the picture of the centre of the quilt. hope you’re better soon 🙂

  9. Feel better soon!

  10. Oh Angela…. I am sooo sorry you are sick- that makes an already hectic week even worse doesn’t it? I hope your kids are at least willing to do a little doting on mom! I really hope you feel better soon. On the bright side- this quilt is super duper fabulous- I absolutely love every stitch you put into it… that Tula Pink sure is lucky to have you to back her up, but we all know she knows that and I love that she gives credit where credit is due. You really amaze me daily.

  11. I just saw this great book in a store but had to pass it up. I am trying to cut back on my sewing spending 😦 Hope you are feeling better soon and I may have to rethink this cutting back idea!

  12. Anonymous says:

    All quilts from “Quilts from the House of Tula Pink” are on display here at the Quilt Shoppe. They are amazingly beautiful! One of my customers said “coming here is like being in an art gallery or museum”. Your Quilts are truly a work of art and I am honored to have so many on display! Feel better, or consider it a break from the kids. Love you, Kathy

  13. Get Well Soon! Overdoing it much?…
    Love Tula’s Book and your Quilting in it, I only got it this week and every night i sit and study it. Lucky we don’t live closer together I could become a stalker…haha only in a good way.

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