Faux Trapunto (A Quick Saturday Blog Post)

This is going to be a mini-blog post. Just some pictures of a fun project that I finished for a friend.
machine quilting

She wanted to make a pillow for her friend, so she had me quilt up a small piece of fabric with a letter T on it. It’s hard to see the quilting on the front, so here is a picture of the back:

free-motion machine quilting

This was quilted with 2 layers of Dream Puff Batting, made by Quilter’s Dream….it was so thick, I thought that I wasn’t going to be able to quilt it! But I just took it slow and it ended up working fine.
faux trapunto quilting
Look how thick the T is!

In case you were wondering, real trapunto is when you quilt around the designs with with a thick batting and then trim the excess batting away. Then you reload it and quilt the whole thing again. Here is a blog post about a quilt I quilted with trapunto.

And here are some pictures of the finished quilt. It was definitely worth the hours of work!

On a totally different subject, I wanted to point out that if you follow me on twitter, I changed my twitter name to AngelaFMQ. When I first signed up for twitter, I never imagined that people would actually follow me, so I didn’t pick an easy name…oops!

On Monday, I will have the next post in the “Deciding What to Quilt” series…..but this time, I am turning the tables. I have a quilt that I have no idea how to quilt. So put on your thinking caps, because I am going to bribe you for your suggestions with a giveaway!!

Have a fabulous weekend! Happy Quilting!!!



  1. Went to flicker and that quilt is so amazing. I so love it. What i am discovering about me is that i love how the pieced quilt and amazing quilting is what i love best. It is the journey that i have started and am just a few km in. I love the traditional patterns with modern quilting. That is what i am always attracted to and have just very recently started going in that direction myself. Really on the first quilt i would describe that way, It is a sampler, top that i have completed awhile ago. Each block i am trying to do something different. It is challenging but i love it. Thanks once again for sharing. Cant help thinking; if this is where you are now in your quilting career, where will you be when you are my age, a gramma! Delightful thought.

  2. Kathy Belliveau says:

    Hi Angela, I have been searching the internet for all there is to know about quilting, and I came across you. What a delight it was. You are so talented and I thoroughly enjoyed watching a video you did on free motion quilting on a regular machine. It has inspired me to want to try it. I have made a few quilts years ago and taken a class. I got the bug to go back to quilting when I came across a quilt I started for my youngest son years ago. I had already made one for his older brother which he uses on his bed. He is 28 and his brother is 24. I have the top all finished and ready to quilt. That’s what lead me on a search of the internet to find out how to do free motion. I bought the special presser foot and after watching you I am anxious to start, but I have a question for you. When you start a motif is it a continuous flow or do you have to stitch back over a bit to start the next curve or circle or square you might be doing? I’m confused because when I look at all the ones you’ve done it’s hard to tell how you have arches and curves that look like each one was individually started on a new line.
    I hope you can understand what it is I’m trying to convey. I hope you can help me so I can finally finish my son’s quilt before he leaves the nest (soon I hope) lol. .
    I look forward to reading all your tips and tricks and seeing your beautiful work now and in the future. You’re one great lady for sharing all with others.

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