The joy of quilting negative space!

Another fun quilt pattern of Emily’s that I quilted is Circular Reasoning


When I saw this quilt, all I could think of was all that white negative space. I couldn’t wait to have some fun with it! I usually try to think of things that I have never tried before, so when I had an idea of a different way to quilt it…..I went with it!

free-motion machine quilting

I quilted pebbles in amongst the letters, had wavy lines radiate from the center and finished off with swirls. You may  be thinking that it is a little over the top, but hopefully the matching thread keeps the quilting from overwhelming the center of the quilt.

Before I started I marked 2 circles on the quilt top, one around the letters and another one that almost touched the sides of quilt. This made three “rings” on the quilt. Kinda like this:

modern machine quilting

I quilted the swirls in the outer “ring” of the quilt and then quilted the pebbles in around the letters in the center of the quilt. Then I went back and quilted the wavy lines.

free-motion machine quilting

A self-indulgent photo of the back:

longarm quilting

Anoyone taking my Techniques for Quilting Negative Space class at MQX in Rhode Island next month will see me demo exactly how I quilt this design as well as many others. If you are planning to take any of the classes that I am teaching at MQX, better sign up quickly. Two of the classes are almost sold out! Guess I better get working on my handouts!

Happy Quilting!!!



  1. I love the quilt and your quilting!

  2. Laura Tawney says:

    Will you be teaching at MQXWest? I would love to take a class of yours there! Great use of t he negative space:)

  3. Cornii Quinlivan says:

    Yes, please come to MQXWest too!!!! Corni Q

  4. Tami In Denver says:

    Great Ideas! I love the way you quilted this. So nice to see something besides feathers. Thanks for sharing.


  1. […] The joy of quilting negative space! ( […]

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