I’m home!

I am home from Rhode Island and trying to catch up on everything I missed while I was gone….especially my emails!

When I arrived at MQX, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I haven’t really even attended any classes at a quilt show, so I wasn’t even sure how the classes were set up. But it all seemed to work out and I have learned some things that will make my next classes even better!

mqx picture of handouts

I was pleasantly surprised to find that each student received an evaluation to fill out. So that really helped me gauge how the classes went!

Another thing that I wasn’t expecting was that I had the job of selecting a quilt to award a teacher’s ribbon too. Once I heard that, I was a little nervous. How can I judge a quilt if I have never entered a show myself? There were so many awesome quilts, and that made it a hard decision. After walking around the show floor a couple of times, I finally decided to pick out a quilt that looked like something that I would make.

This is the one that I picked:

week & ringle quilt pattern

"My Fabulous Feathers" quilted by Terry Crean

Terry made this quilt using the Flower Show quilt pattern by Bill Kerr & Weeks Ringle. When I saw it, I knew that this is something that I would love to make. I also love how she quilted it. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am big fan of feathers. Just gorgeous!

feather quilting

Quilted by Terry Crean


I am going to post pictures of some of the other quilts that I saw at the show in another blog post. It was a well-rounded show, with a little something for everyone. Oh, and I haven’t forgotten this weeks post in the “Deciding what to quilt series”. It will be up later this week and will discuss ideas for quilting borders. I think it will be very interesting!


In the meantime……Happy Quilting!



  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi, that was one of my favorites too! For the same reason, definitely something I can make. Mary

  2. Welcome back!! i wen tto the RI MQX last year and loved it, Glad it all worked out for you. Can’t wait to see more quilts. 🙂


  3. I loved that quilt too! Your class (Quilting Efficient) was so much fun, I am so glad I signed up! o:)

  4. I am so impressed with your quilting and teaching quilting. But I’m only going to quilt little things and you are still getting the rest. I love your quilting so much and my machine quilting really stinks!!!

  5. I love eveything about that quilt. It is beautiful!

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