The Bleachers Quilt and a giveaway!

Well, the patterns are officially in and I can finally blog about Bleachers, my first quilt pattern. Yay!!!

So without further ado…..

Bleacher quilt pattern cover- a modern quilt

Working through this quilt pattern was such a different experience for me! I am so pleased with how it turned out!

bleachers quilt pattern- a modern quilt

This version of the quilt was made by Carla……this is one of my favorites for sure!

a modern quilt pattern with longarm quilting

I was already envisioning how I would quilt it when I was drawing out the design. I can’t help it…..I am always thinking about the quilting!!!

modern machine quilting on bleachers quilt

I can’t claim credit for anything expect for the quilt sketch and the quilting. Shea wrote the stellar directions, designed the pattern layout and came up the idea of having the same layout for each quilt size. Which I think is a brilliant idea! I love how each version looks the same!

bleachers quilt pattern by empty bobbin patterns

Melissa made this blue version of the quilt which shows how versatile the quilt pattern is. Whether you want to make a baby quilt or a big one for the man in your life…this is the perfect quilt pattern.

It is available for purchase at the Fat Quarter Shop or you can check out Shea’s website to see a list of other retailers.

So…………. how about a giveaway? Leave a comment telling me which version of the quilt you like the best and you will be entered to win 1 of 2 patterns. I will draw a winner next Monday!


Good luck and Happy Quilting!



  1. I love all of them, but Carla’s is my favorite – such cheery colors!

  2. Becky Greene says:

    I love the rich gray one on the pattern cover – I want to make that one!!!! Great job on the pattern. It is hard to design something that looks new and different, but this one does! Congratulations!!

  3. I love the gray, orange, red, white and beige one! But the design will work with any colors and even prints! Great work, Angela!

  4. I like the charcoal with white, ochre, and a pop of red!

  5. I absolutely love the gray and yellow one with the red trim. I’m quite obsessed with the gray/yellow color combination at the moment. It makes the quilt pop like crazy!

  6. DakotaEssence says:

    Angela this design is a real winner. I’ve purchased a pattern from Shea and she is a good teacher/writer. I’m most partial to the very happy colors of Carla’s quilt; but they all are really are stunning. This truly is an especially ‘man friendly’ design.
    ~Jillian in North Dakota

  7. mellissa’s blue version is my favorite but awesome to see it so many ways!! xo

  8. great pattern and wonderful quilting!

  9. I really like the gray one on the pattern — love those dark colors. Thanks

  10. I like the gray and white one on the cover – this is truly a great new modern pattern – I love it!

  11. Val Cowan says:

    all fab but especially Carla’s one

  12. Betty Ayers says:

    Gosh, I just love the graphics on this quilt. My favorite version is the one done in gray, yellow, white with a spot of red – how dynamic!

  13. My husband has been asking for a quilt and the one on the cover would be perfect. Size? I like to call it oversized lap quilt because he is 6’4″ so he always need extra length to cover his feet. Will have to make one for him.

  14. I love the one on the pattern cover, the one that’s charcoal and white and black and whatnot. So pretty! I love it! I actually would love to make it exactly the same as that cover shot!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Great job on the pattern! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Jaime McCallum says:

    I love the pink, orange and the touch of lime green. Perfect for a little girl!

  16. Jeanne Hughes says:

    I love the gray one on the pattern cover! Pity I can’t get it in the UK, the postage is too much to order from Fat Quarter Shop ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  17. Rhonda H. says:

    I love blue but something about that orange/pink one just really “grabs” you; very nice pattern. Thanks for chance to win one!

  18. The gray one the pattern cover is superb! It sets off the pattern wonderfully. If I were to make one, I’d use more fabrics with a wee bit of a design, like the one with the pink/orange/green. I still have a difficult time with solids. Congrats on your success!

  19. I love the pink and orange version, it’s so bright and cheerful.

  20. Love the gray version! I’m a fan of neutrals, although the color versions are great too. I was lucky enough to see the quilted version at MQX and the quilting really suits this modern quilt.
    Enjoy the excitement! Thanks for passing it on by offering us a chance to win.

  21. Sue Bone says:

    I love the grey one too, so graphic.

  22. I love them all, but I think the blue one is my favorite!

  23. Sarah Stevens says:

    I like them all but I think my favorite one is on the cover of the pattern. That is so important to have a really great example on the pattern – often there are such unattractive ones that some people cannot look past the colors or fabrics to imagine making the quilt for themselves. Thanks for the chance to win!

  24. wow those are really cool. I like them all but I like the blue one best

  25. I love that one on the cover, the greys look great. I think the small version would make agreat modern baby quilt.

  26. Bethany LeCain says:

    I love the black and grey! It is stunning!

  27. Anonymous says:

    I love thge grey version. It is so simple, but really quite sophisticated.

  28. I like all three examples, I always picture quilts in differant colors, the one made by Carla is my favorite.

  29. Sandy Cooper says:

    I love the grey version. It is so simple, yet quite sophisticated.

  30. My favorite is the gray one-so soothing and simple!

  31. Congrats Angela! I am really liking Carla’s version (though I like them all). Her colors are just so different than what I typically use, but they seem so vibrant, yet calming.

  32. Love the blue one – I think it’s because boy quilts are hard to make without putting a feminine touch on them!!

  33. Jackie Benedetti says:

    I love the grey version; the muted tones are very classic.

  34. carol johnson says:

    They are all stunning. I really love the black & grey one and then the blue.

  35. Love the grey one on the cover, looks like something to snuggle up in and nicely contemporary looking.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Me gustan todos pero como me encanta el azul

  37. I love the blue one Melissa made. I also really am starting to like the grey version on the cover of the pattern too.

  38. Love Melissa’s blue one. It’s a perfect quilt for a small boy to grow up with!

  39. Anne-Marie says:

    I love the gray/charcoal one on the cover. Beautiful pattern that I would love to win!

  40. Anonymous says:

    Me parecen preciosos pero me encanta el azul ,saludos Begoรฑa

  41. Janice Simmons says:

    Melissa’s version is my favorite. But then anything blue always catches my eye and makes me happy. Great pattern. I hope I win because I have some fabric in mind that would look great made up in Bleachers.

  42. They’re all great but I love the one with the gray, yellow and red inner squares!

  43. says:

    I love the yellow and gray version. This pattern would make a great gift for my friend.

  44. Susan Meyers says:

    I love the gold, black and white one with the red squares in the middle!

    Sue Meyers

  45. I love the cover quilt, black and grey. It’s a wonderful pattern…congrats!

  46. All the quilts are fabulous! But my favorite is the grey, yellow, white & red one. Thanks for a chance to win this great pattern! ๐Ÿ™‚

  47. All the quilts are great…but the blue works for me. I love monochromatic things and this design really plays well with that concept. Great job and keep em’ coming. Love it.

  48. Heather H says:

    They all are beautiful but my favorite is the gray one on the pattern cover.

  49. I love the grey one on the cover. I’d love to do it in purples and yellows. Congrats on a great pattern and thanks for the giveaway!

  50. They are all great, but I love Carla’s! Pink and orange get me every time o:)

  51. I like the yellow, cream, and grey version the best. This is such a beautiful pattern! Congrats!

  52. I love all of them but I think the grey version is my fav. Your pattern is gorgeous.

  53. I really like both the gray and the pink versions! I do have some great green and blue and orange batiks waiting for a project and this is it. I can already see it. Love the pattern, great job!

  54. I love the quilt on the pattern itself in the shades of gray! Just bought some Curious Nature by Parson Gray and I’m wondering what it would look like in this quilt. Great job!

  55. I’m really drawn to the pink and orange version! It’s almost psychadelic!

  56. Hard to choose….I think Carla’s version is my favorite. Love the contrast in colors! Thanks for the chance to win !


  57. I love both the blue one and the one on the pattern cover. Yes, the minute I saw the design I starting thinking about the quilting!

  58. I like the big blue version the best. Thanks for the chance to win! ๐Ÿ™‚

  59. I love the pink/orange one with the pop of green!

  60. That’s hard they are all lovely but I think I’d pick the blue as it’s my favourite colour. Fabulous pattern, congrats.

  61. I love the pink and orange with the pop of green. Really sizzles.

  62. I think this is a really nice pattern, looks really modern but I think not too hard for a beginning quilter, I love the grey/white quilt on the pattern cover, it’s slick!!!! Good luck

  63. Carla’s is my favorite too !! Love it !!

  64. craftytammie says:

    I love how there’s a papa, mama, and baby quilt, it’s like the three little quilts! the cover quilt is my fave! great job angela and shea!

  65. The cover quilt is my favorite… I’m in love with the fabric AND the design. ๐Ÿ™‚ Congratulations on a stellar collaboration! ๐Ÿ™‚

  66. Oh this is such a beautiful quilt design- is there anything you can’t do? ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the cover quilt done in gray- so pretty. They all are though- what a versatile design. Congrats on your first pattern!!

  67. Congrats! My favorite is the 2nd pic with the blue background with a touch of yellow and red. Blue…my all time fav!

  68. They are all fabulous!…but MY favorite is the grey, white and yellow!..such a fun color combo! And that touch of red!…oohlala!

  69. Fantastic design! Congratulations! My favourite is the grey, yellow and white one. Thanks for the giveaway.

  70. I love the blue large quilt. It seems a bit daunting for me, but I like the more subtle colors and almost monochromatic look. I’d definitely want to stich up a smaller sized ones with purple and gray (my fave)

  71. I love all the versions! What an awesome pattern!

  72. Carlas is my favorite, the color palate is inspiring! Thanks for the chance to win!

  73. My favourite is the one on the pattern cover; love grey!

  74. Angela — first “congratulations” !! Yay for you.. Love the quilt – it’s simplicity yet unique look. I love the basic grey and white quilt on the bleacher… and 2nd up is the pink one… very nice.. !

    Will you show us close-ups of the quilting ? Would LOVE to see them.


  75. I am actually loving the quilt on the pattern itself…black and grey are very striking!

  76. phsclass67reunion says:

    That’s a hard decision but I would have to say the blue since blue is my favorite color. Can’t wait to get a pattern and give it a try.

  77. I love the one with the grey. I love when the main background is neutral and the rest is bright colors!

    • I have had the original pnenid for a few weeks, even bought dark brown and cream flannel on sale at Joann’s last week to start a version of the quilt for my BFF for Christmas. I had not considered hand quilting, but, I love the look and since I have enough time, this may be the route I go! Thanks for the photos and inspiration!

  78. They are all pretty great but Carla’s has that orange color that I’m in love with right now! Thanks for the chance to win!

  79. Stunning design!
    My favourite is the first one in greys and neutrals!

  80. I’m a fan of Carla’s also. Fun pattern! WTG.

  81. Like soooo many others, Angela, my favorite is the grey one! But they are all beautiful!

  82. Another vote for the gray & black! Lovely!

  83. So hard to pick a favorite. I love to graphic-ness of the grey/black version, but I LOVE the pink fabric, and blue is my favorite color. I think I’d probably end up making one with grey and blue…hmmm…I’m already thinking about how I might quilt it differently (and if that would work.)

  84. I am in a yellow and grey stage, but strangely the one I LOVE is the blue-toned one! Really, they are all great becuase I love the pattern.

  85. Paula Coleman says:

    I like the large Bleachers quilt as the blues remind me of the gorgeous blue skies we are now having here in Kansas. Bright, clean and so peaceful – just like the heavens above.

  86. I love the grey version, but could see making it in different color ways to convey different moods….love the pattern

  87. love the grays!! great pattern!

  88. Maureen Capps says:

    Absolutely love this pattern … It is hard to choose, but I believe I like the blues the best. I can just picture a “school” of fish sitting on the blue Bleachers being lectured by a shark.

  89. What a great design! I love the grays!

  90. I love the bright orange and pink, but then again, I do love blue…I’m torn–a good sign of a versatile quilt pattern–you love all the versions!

  91. LOVE love the Curious Nature! It is beyond fabulous. I would love to win a pattern but I’m going to buy it anyway!! Great minds you and Shea!!

  92. I love the grey one! It is perfect for one of the guys, I think, and with a bit of scarlet, it works for their school colors too! It definitely is a new look, not just another revision of an old pattern.

  93. I love the blue one!

  94. Love them all but blue is a winner!

  95. Angi Gilbert says:

    I love the two tone grey. I really love it!

  96. I love, love, love this pattern! Thanks for offering the giveaway.

  97. Barbara Inskeep says:

    Angela, love the bleachers pattern, great job. You are so talented. My favorite is the gray, yellow, white with a pop of red.

  98. What a fantastic patterns. Such an innovative design!

  99. Melissa’s blue version of Bleachers is my favourite – it’s such a great pattern that they all look amazing & so different.

  100. I love the pink and orange one. It’s soo much fun! Thanks for the giveaway.

  101. bonnie h says:

    I love the greys and blacks, although i do have a niece who loves oranges and pinks, Congratulations

  102. Janet T. says:

    I think I would start with the smallest design to warm up on, but absolutely would keep going onto the larger sizes. Love the pattern! Tons of color possibilities with it.

  103. I love the charcoal for me but I’m looking at patterns for a baby quilt and I love that orange for a baby!

  104. love the grey and yellow combo!

  105. Love all the versions of the pattern, but especially like the shades of blue! Such a versatile pattern…

  106. Claire Desrochers says:

    My favourite is your version in the greys, blacks and whites – my kind of look.

  107. I love the red one. It appears to be the baby size one.

  108. It’s really hard to pick between the blue one and the grey one. But I think the blue one is my favourite. I’d love to make one of these!

  109. auntiethesis says:

    The gray, yellow, white and red is my favorite.
    shel704 at aol dot com

  110. I love the blue one – the pattern would be brilliant would be brilliant for a boy of any age, just the type of pattern I’m looking for for a quilt for my boyfriend!!

  111. I’m a blue person, so the blue one is definitely my favorite.

  112. Patricia Crowley says:

    I like the Blue version the best!

  113. What a wonderful pattern, love it!
    I like Carla’s version in grey yellow and white best.

  114. jdmurray2000 says:

    I’m partial to blue but really like Carla’s colours.

  115. I really like this pattern! Very clean and modern. My fav is the grey one.

    • I’m making this for my dagteuhr. She got married this past June. I had guests sign muslin squares, and I’m going to use those as the other side. It’s coming out nice! Thanks for the great pattern, McCalls!!

  116. Tracy Glynn says:

    I’m partial to the tonal gray and blue versions. But, the vibrancy of the pink version is curing my break up blues. “Break up” is the season of melting in Alaska.

  117. Michala Thake says:

    I’m in love with the pink and orange. It looks ace!

  118. My first visit to your blog. My Guild friend Joyce told me about it. Wow! ! ! I’m blown away with this pattern. Love it ! ! ! ! !

  119. says:

    I love them all but I really love the cover quilt. Thanks for the giveaway.

  120. They all look so nice, but I think the black and grey one really caught my eye.

  121. What a great design. It looks good in all the color combos. I loved the blue version most.

  122. Way to go, Angela! I really dig the charcoal colored version. ๐Ÿ™‚

  123. NaomiRuth says:

    This would be a fabulous pattern for my boys – well, any boys really! Can I pick the cover shot as my favorite? I love all the different shades of grey – and the pattern makes the quilt dynamic and very not boring. Of the 3 non-cover quilts the grey and yellow/orange one is my fave. Great job!

  124. Love them all but the one on the cover is my fav.

  125. Dianne Mitzel says:

    They are all wonderful, I love your original one the best, and the pink and orange next, and I love the blue…It is a wonderful , versatile quilt ..that’s what makes it so great..

  126. Jennifer Snipes says:

    I love them all!!! My favorite is the bright cheery one with fushia & orange!! Love the pattern, I want to make one!!!

  127. Charleen Choboter says:

    I absolutely love love love the pink, orange with green squares. Two of my favourite colors together mke a great combination. Also think the quilt on the cover is so elegant and rich looking. Can’t wait to make one for myself.

  128. I love the grey one, but I could see it in school colors.

  129. I love Carla’s version using a Tumerick with the Charcoal with a pop of Brick Red thrown into the mix.

  130. I love the grey version on the pattern cover. It is a perfect ManQuilt!

  131. runandsewquilts says:

    Great quilt, pattern and quilting!

  132. I too love that they have the same layout no matter the size! It’s a very asthetically pleasing quilt!

  133. Alexandrea M says:

    I love the grey white and yellow one, I’d do it just like that but put peridot green in the centers!

  134. Donna Adams says:

    Hi Angela! I LOVE the greys version. I was thinking it would be a great one to do for my nephew so I definitly want to get the pattern. Congrats!
    ~Donna Adams

  135. What a fantastic quilt pattern!

  136. The grey reminds me of childhood trips to northern Arizona and the Navajo trade stores, LOVE the Grey

  137. Debra Mack says:

    Love the bleachers would be just as wonderful in a scrappy 30’s or childrens novelty prints.

  138. Love the gray, white with red accents. Great pattern…great color combinations, and of course, though a little hard to see– I know, great quilting!


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