You never know who you are going to meet…..

So, when I was at MQX, I had a few minutes before one of my classes so I hit the show floor and checked out the quilts. I am an eclectic person by nature, I love all sorts of random things. Especially quilts…..I must have got that from Grandpa Ford, he never met a quilt that he didn’t  like! So I look forward to seeing the traditional quilts, the over-the-top quilts, and everything in between. Then I turned the corner and saw this quilt:

modern quilt at quilt show

This quilt was inspired by Yoshiko Jinzenji and was stunning to see up close. I briefly thought, “who says there are no modern quilts at quilt shows,” and then headed to my class.

Afterwards,  a gentleman that had taken the class came up and introduced himself to me. I recognized his name, he was Andy half of the dynamic duo that made that quilt! Turns out, it was a part of a special exhibit! Fast forward an hour and I was back at the show snapping pictures of the exhibit.

modern quilt exhibit

Photo by Jim Smith

modern quilt exhibit

Photo by: Jim Smith

As I was lurking around, snapping pictures, Jim came over and totally busted me ogling his quilts!!!

modern quilt

Up close of the quilting:

machine quilting detail

This quilt wasn’t in the exhibit, but was in the main show:


photo by: Jim Smith

I love the play on colors! You should check out their blog to see more of their work…you won’t be disappointed!

I had such a great time visiting with both of them and feel as though I have made 2 new friends! Just goes to show, you never know who you are going to meet!!!!

Today, I am headed to the MOKAN machine quilters guild to give a workshop, here’s hoping I meet some new friends there as well!

Happy Quilting!



  1. Tina Bussard says:

    I was at MO-KAN this morning and thoroughly enjoyed your lecture! Before today I probably would have said (naively) that modern quilts were not my thing. Thank you for opening my eyes to something new. I loved the quilts you showed and found some new inspiration. I can’t wait to get your book!

  2. Angela, I blush! Thanks Jim.

  3. I loved that exhibit too and went back to see it again. I loved the quilting on the “bricks” quilt. And they did another one – actually two – with just horizontal lines quilted that were very striking too. Great exhibit!

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