Quilting Modern

I am so thrilled!!! Quilting Modern, the ultimate book on improvisational quilts, is finally out and I can talk about the quilts that I quilted in it!

Quilting Modern

Working on this book with Jacquie and Katie was such a great experience. It was the first time that I had collaborated on a project of this size, and it was truly a collaboration. When Katie was in town, I drove up to Jacquie’s house and they showed me the quilt tops. We discussed the inspiration for each quilt and we bounced ideas off of each other. It was a literal quilt “war room”.

The quits that I quilted for Quilting Modern represent some of my best work and I am so excited to finally be able to share some of them with you!

First up, Lilac Crush

lilac crush quilt from Quilting Modern

For some reason, I had the hardest time deciding on a quilting design for this quilt. Everything that I suggested was too fussy for the quilt. Finally, Jacquie suggested this design. She wanted the quilting to add a lot of texture and to help soften the quilt pattern.

quilting modern

Since I used an allover quilting pattern (which you won’t hear me say too often!) I used a light purple thread. It doesn’t clash with the brown, but adds a hint of color to the quilt.

machine quilting on linen

There were a few pieces of linen in the quilt and I just love the look of quilted linen! The texture of the quilting on the linen is just exquisite, I kept running my hands over it while I was quilting it!

This quilt is the perfect example of using an allover quilting design to add texture to a quilt. The next quilt I am going to show is almost the exact opposite of Lilac Crush. But I am going to save that for another post!

Thanks for looking and Happy Quilting!!!



  1. I cannot imagine doing all those circles/pebbles over and over – fabulous. I have my book reserved so cannot wait to see it in person.

  2. I just love this book! Jacquie shared the quilts from the book with us at the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild last weekend, they are so much more fabulous in person. And that is some amazing quilting on the lilac crush quilt!

  3. Looks awesome!! i can’t wait to see more close ups of your wonderful quilting.


  4. Terrific! I would love the quilting on linen, too. Beautiful complementary quilting — well done!

  5. I love this quilting pattern you did on this. Is this a pattern you will teach in Portland in October? I would love to learn how to do it. Your work is absolutely amazing.

  6. I’m in England so guess I’ll have to wait for this 😦

  7. wow, this truely is stunning! I know you are not a huge fan of all over quilting, but this really is a masterpiece! Another book to add to the birthday list for sure!

  8. That looks amazing! I’ve always been unsure about FMQ on linen and end up straight line quilting, but looking at that I will have to give it a try.

  9. Gorgeous! I love, love, love the crinkly effect!

  10. simply stunning~bravo!!


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