Sneak Peek!

Happy Saturday!  I have crawled out from underneath the mound of market quilts and am taking a quick breather. I wanted to share a sneak peek with you today. It’s not a quilt that I am working on or even a snippet of a new fabric line…..Instead, it’s a sneak peek of my book!

The listing for my book on Amazon now has a “look inside” feature. Now you can check it out and see a sample of the inside…including some of the designs!

While you are there, check out the review section…..Publisher’s Weekly did a review of the book!

Ok, that’s enough of a break for now…..I’m heading back to the quilting machine….

Happy Quilting!!!



  1. Angela, I ordered your book back in November when you first told us about the book. It is killing me waiting for it! I’m even putting Quilts aside waiting for your book. By the way your Quilting on the Winter Windows Quilt in Quilting Modern is beyond amazing!!!!!
    One day I might be just like you, I just need lots more practice!

  2. Anxiously waiting for my book too!

  3. I have had it preordered since February! Can’t wait! Now to get it signed by you…….

  4. Wow this looks great. I ordered it back in December. I can’t wait for it to arrive.

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