Fat Quarterly Shape Workshop for Quilters

About this time last year, I had the privilege of quilting a quilt for John, better known as Quilt Dad. Not just any quilt, a quilt in the Fat Quarterly Shape Workshop for Quilters….no pressure, right?

fat quarterly shape workshop for quilters

I remember when I first received this quilt that I was really, really worried. I loved the quilt, but wasn’t sure how to quilt it. If I remember correctly, I loaded it without knowing exactly how I was going to quilt it. I am also pretty sure I stared at it for a long while before I even started. But I loved how it turned out……..sometimes the best quilting isn’t planned at all!

close up quilting of fat quarterly quilting

I echoed around the shapes, I think that it really sets off the blocks. In the “X” blocks, I quilted a figure 8 design.

longarm quilting in fat quarterly book

When quilting irregular shapes, I like to pick a design that uses the edges of the block as a guide. It makes quilting a whole lot easier.

This quilt even made the cover of the book:

fat quarterly shape workshop for quilters

You can see it, can’t you? Its the one folded up in the middle of the pile…..Hey…I know it’s a little bit…but I’ll take it when I can get it!! Here is a little bit about the book:

The authors of Fat Quarterly, the wildly popular ezine on quilting, share the secrets of their quilting success in a collection of 60 quilt blocks and 12 quilts and projects, with a helpful introduction and coverage of basic techniques. Each chapter offers 10 colorful quilt blocks, instructions for a full-size quilt and a smaller project, plus all the necessary templates. Both a trusted guide and an inspirational workshop, this is a perfect resource for all quilters, especially members of traditional and online quilting bees.

Happy Quilting!



  1. gosh—so much to make! I must retire! God help me 🙂 Amen.

  2. Beautiful!

  3. Gorgeous! You work is stunning (as is Quilt Dad’s). Your name came up at a local craft fair this weekend. Lots of people down here in North Carolina admiring your work!

  4. Wonderful quilting Angela! And of course John’s work is wonderful too. I love their book. And inspired by yours flipping through at Amazon, congrats!

  5. Betty Ayers says:

    Love your quilting and his work – wow! Any chance you can tell me some of the fabrics used? I recognize several Ta Dot’s, but cannot figure out the turq. with the red/pink bird – love, love it!

  6. This is a beautiful quilt and I love the way you quilted this. I’m going have to copy that. Imitation being the sincerest form of flattery.

  7. The quilting is sheer perfection!


  1. […] addition to the quilt that I blogged about yesterday, I also quilted a second quilt for the Fat Quarterly Shape Workshop for Quilters.  […]

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