My Next Writing Endeavor!!

If you listened to my interview on Pat Sloan’s radio show, then this is old news to you….but if you missed it by some chance, then….let me tell you. I enjoyed writing Free-motion Quilting with Angela Walters so much that I wrote a second book!

My next book, In the Studio with Angela Walters will be coming out in the fall!

in the studio with Angela Walters

About the book:

Take your quilt tops to the next level! Learn how to use quilting designs to tell a story, highlight the piecing, or achieve unique effects such as an illusion of depth. Angela Walter’s machine-quilting strategies add dimension and distinction to any quilt. You get ten great projects plus creative machine quilting techniques together in one book. Each chapter features a design concept and technique that’s tailored to a specific project. Quilting is a lot like handwriting or doodling…so take what you learn about these special quilting effects and make it your own…bring new life to all your work!

It is scheduled to be released this November, and is available for pre-order.

It feels weird talking about my second book, when the first one isn’t even released yet. It definitely makes all the hard work so worth it. But I can’t bask in it too long, I have some quilting to do!

Happy Quilting!



  1. I have your first book on my wishlist (must-buy) list and I’ll for sure be adding this one too! You have the most gorgeous work I’ve ever seen and I aspire to be 1/100th as good as you someday 🙂

  2. Longarmlinda says:

    Angela! Wow,,, that is WONDERFULnews!! Sew excited for you & very well deserved I might add,, I love following your Blog you inspire me to try fresh new & innovative designs,, after years of LA quilting & feeling like I have done & seen it all,,,,I am excited again!! Now I have to order the 2nd book & go listen to you & Pat,, isn’t she awesome?! =) Linda Alexander

  3. AWESOME!!!! You are such a great quilter, I can’t wait to learn even more from you.

  4. You are one busy lady! Congrats on book, the second. 🙂

  5. WOW! SO Excited for you. (and for us :-))
    Can’t wait to get your book in my hands.

  6. Wow! You are on some kinda roll, girl. Congrats!

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