I stand corrected….Sylvia’s Sampler quilt

I can now mark a quilt off of my quilting bucket list! I have never quilted a Dear Jane quilt before and I still haven’t but I can say that I have quilted a Sylvia’s Sampler quilt!

dear jane quilting

This quilt is huge! It has 140 blocks, all completely different! Here is what Linda had to say about it:

My mother and I started this project more than seven years ago.  I had just caught the quilting bug but she was already skilled in the art.  I was enthused about creating an heirloom quilt with my mother and picked the pattern Sylvia’s Sampler from Jennifer Chiaverini’s book, The Master Quilter.  Mom had been reading the series but this was the only book I had read at that time.  Our project was put on the shelf for several years after my father became ill with cancer.  He, unfortunately passed in 2008, and neither one of us had much desire to continue working on it.  But in time, my mom started joking that she probably would never see the quilt complete.  Sounds like a challenge, right?  So this past year, I buckled down and finished my assigned blocks.  Truth be told, I passed some of the more difficult blocks to her.   There are 140 in this pattern and I designed our border.  She is currently machine sewing the binding on and I will have the joy of finishing the hand work.  When Mom saw your beautiful quilting, she said, “Now, you’ll have to bury me in it.”  I think NOT!  

The most touching thing was that she asked me to quilt my @ signature in the signature block of the quilt….such an honor.

dear jane signature quilt block

Here are a few close up of a few of the blocks:

dear jane quilt block quilting

Dear Jane quilt block quilting

dear jane quilt block quilting

I uploaded a bunch more photos of the quilt blocks on my Flickr page….there were way too many to put on here! I am glad to get to have played a part in this beautiful quilt….however, I know without a doubt that I don’t have the patience to actually piece a Dear Jane quilt of my own! So I will have to keep these pictures to drool over!

dear jane quilt close up!

This time tomorrow, I will be getting ready to teach one of my classes at the Machine Quilter’s Showcase, (MQS). That means that I will be slacking on the blog a little bit, but I will be chatting it up on twitter and facebook so be sure to check in there from time to time! Wish me luck!!

Happy Quilting



  1. This quilt is inbelievable!!!! I hand quilted a Dear Jane for a lay last summer. It was quite lovely; it is posted somewhere back there on my blog; if you care to look. But this one being machine quilted down they way you did it; is stunning!! I just love it!! Great job on it.

  2. FlourishingPalms says:

    I saw this quilt progress when my friend, Linda, was making it. All of us, her quilting friends, thought it was stunning. Now it’s even more spectacular. Well done, Linda, Hedy, and Angela!

  3. beautiful, absolutely beautiful!

  4. Longarmlinda says:

    It is just stunning Angela!!! I know how much of yourself that you give & put into quilting custom,,, but this,,, this is extra special,, just look at that intense quilting you put into it, not to mention the size, wow!! Running to your Flickr photo’s now,, have fun at MQS! =) Linda Alexander

  5. Absolutely Amazing! Your work is always stunning.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful quilt and quilting Angela! I look forward to meeting you in class at MQS tomorrow!!

  7. That quilt and your quilting are beautiful! How sweet that they wanted your signature in the siggy block! 🙂

  8. omg…how stunning, what a special special memory…. i am so inpsired…beautiful!!

  9. Glenna in TX says:

    That is a truly beautiful quilt and I’m not always a big fan of samplers. And your quilting make it even more beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  10. With over 70 quilt blocks and instructions on how to do them this book will keep you busy for hours. I love it and thoroughly recommend.

  11. So gorgeous. Would LOVE to see it up close. Having you quilt one of my quilts is on MY bucket list!

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