Quilt Market

I am sure this is going to be the first of many quilt market recap posts that you will see over the next month or so. Quilt Market (the industry convention) is so intense. So many people, so many products, so much walking and so little time. I can’t wait to show you some of the 52 quilts (!) that were at Quilt Market that I quilted and some of the wonderful people that I met.

I went to Quilt Market to promote my book that is finally coming out next month….it seems like it has been forever!!!! First I “did a schoolhouse” basically a 20 minute presentation about my book.
quilt market school house
I was worried that no one would show up since it was towards the end of the day. But the room was packed! I was incredibly efficient with my presentation (read: I finished too early) so I had to improvise and beg for questions……oh well, live and learn!

On Saturday, I had my book signing.

And I met some new friends!

Right after the book signing, I hurried over to the Handiquilter Booth to give a demo. The response was phenomenal, everyone had great questions and seemed interested in my ramblings!

Lastly, I gave a mini-trunk show at the Quilter’s Dream Batting booth. I had samples from the book as well as several of the quilts. We made quite an obstacle of ourselves in the middle of the aisle, but had a great, great time!

While I was at market, the Modern Quilts Unlimited website went live! Head on over and see my first blog post and let me know what you think! Over the next few days, I am going to share several of the quilts that I quilted and maybe even put up some embarrassing pictures of my friends!

In the meantime….Happy Quilting!



  1. Diane Powell says:

    I am glad you had a great turn out, I will be going down and getting your book as soon as it’s available here in town.

  2. Angela, I’m not surprized with the response you received at Market
    You’re enthusiastic about your quilting and it shows. Have pre-ordered just now and am looking forward to it’s delivery.
    CONGRATS ! ! ! !

  3. You were definitely busy and popular at Quilt Market. Glad you had fun. And, I liked your post at Modern Quilts Unlimited too.


  4. I managed to get to your book signing AND your quilting demo – and I even ended up in both photos! I LOVE your book and read it on our ride home from market. It is great and I can hardly wait to try some new designs on my next quilt. Sorry I missed the trunk show.
    Oh, and 52??!?!?!?! do you sleep?

    I’ll be doing a review of your book soon.

  5. Longarmlinda says:

    Can’t wait to see the book,,oh & the embarrassing friend photo’s,,, that sound’s fun!! =)

  6. Looking forward to you book. Do you have Handiquilter?

  7. Anonymous says:

    I made it to a class of yours at MQS and your book signing. I’ll be sending a couple pics today. It was SOOOO fun to spend some time w/you.

  8. I made it to a class of yours at MQS and your book signing. I’ll be sending a couple pics today. It was SOOOO fun to spend some time w/you.

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