Overachieving Students

While I was at market, I was also attending MQS. MQS is the Machine Quilter’s Showcase and was being held 20 minutes away from Quilt Market. I taught 4 classes and had a great time. Everyone asked great questions and took lots and lots of pictures.

I also had a book signing at the Gammill booth. I wish that I had gotten some pictures of the classes or book signing, but I thought that asking the class to pose for a picture would have been slightly unprofessional.

All my students were fantastic, but I also had an overachieving student! Vicki took my class, Machine Quilting for the Modern Quilt, on Friday.  She emailed me today and sent me a picture of a small quilt that she had made to try out some of the designs in the book.

modern quilt using free-motion quilting designs

Photo by: Vicki

So to recap, in 3 days she read the book, designed and pieced the quilt and then quilted it using designs from the book. It makes me tired just thinking about it! She told me in an email that she is “such a traditional quilter, and now this whole modern world has opened up”. Check out her blog to see more pictures of the quilt.

I know this may sound cheesy, but it makes me so proud to see what quilters are doing with the book. It definitely makes the whole process so worth it! I would love to see your pictures too. If you end up using some of the designs from my book or from the class, please send me a picture.

I will be back tomorrow with more pictures from Quilt Market!

Happy Quilting



  1. Vicki in MN says:

    I am just so honored you wanted to post a pic of my table runner!

  2. Longarmlinda says:

    I like, I like! Nice job Vicki,,, isn’t it great to be SOoo inspired that you forget about sleep?! =)

  3. hsthomas says:

    Wowza! Way to go, Vicki! Angela, you are a great teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed the class you taught and would have taken others, had I been able to fit it into my schedule!

  4. I doubt the class would have said no! It’s fun.

  5. LOVE this! I want to do one! GREAT idea, Vicki! Thanks for sharing, Angela. I also wanted to get into the tweet discussion last night but didn’t know how to enter. I’ve got a lot to learn, and I’ve been drawing your designs from your books. You’ve changed the industry w/your talents, this blog, and your book! I’m so traditional…..and Modern Quilts speak to me. Thank you!

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