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After some reflection, I decided to erase the little blurb about me being a mom, wife, blah, blah, blah. I am most certainly all of those,as well as a quilter. But since this is about me as a quilter, I feel the desire to tell how I got to this point. I know most have already heard this story but I will keep telling it as often as I can, so here goes:

Unlike most quilters, I don’t have a story of quilting being handed down in my family, generation by generation. I didn’t sit on my grandma’s lap and make doll quilts. I had never really even seen a sewing machine and I barely knew what a quilt was when I married my husband. But in Jeremy’s family, quilts are a big deal. My husband’s grandma and grandpa made quilts all the time and always seemed to be working on a project. In fact, they made quilts for the annual family reunion for people to win. This was really my first encounter with quilts and quilting.

At these family reunions, they had quilts for all the generations. If you came to the reunion and had not won a quilt before, you were entered to win a quilt. They also had quilts for newly married couples, as well as a “hodge-podge quilt” that anyone could win, regardless if they had won before. Its was so neat to see all the quilts laid out and to see how excited people were about maybe winning one. My husband didn’t win a quilt that year and I thought that maybe I would have grandpa show me how to make a quilt. I bought some fabric and he began the lessons.

My first quilt was a simple 9 patch quilt. As I started on the first block, he showed me how to cut out the nine blocks and how to sew them together. Once I finished the block, he said, “Now let me show you the easy way.” Then he got out the rotary cutter and we really got busy. So began my “quilting career”. I still have the quilt I made on our bed and even though there are lots of mistakes, it always reminds me of grandpa and the time we spent working on quilts together. He is no longer with us, but he has been such an inspiration in my life and I am so thankful for that.



  1. aww… that is such a sweet story for so many reasons… the fact that you made the quilt just for jeremy, and how grandpa gave you lessons… i love it!

  2. Mary Honas says:

    I love the story of how you got started! I love the connections and love that quilting expresses! I think that’s why I quilt and love teaching quilting.

  3. I love your story. I love grandpas! Your story brought tears to my eyes. I am teaching my son to quilt and he loves it. I can just picture him someday teaching his granddaughter to sew. Lovely.

  4. This is such a inspiration to read. I am a new quilter and took one class….it was really drama filled and I have had to basically learn what I am doing on my own. This very moment I am working on a quilt, and was so frustrated that the blocks don’t line up perfectly, and I have no idea how to correct whatever I am doing wrong. Almost to the point of just throwing it away, then I took a break, and read this….found your blog from another blogger I follow and her AMAZING selvage quilt…On, how I wish I had the talent you ladies have….but I guess I will keep at it, perfection or not. I will go back now and finish looking thru your blog, it is amazing and you do amazing work. Just wanted to say hello!

  5. Thanks Tina and Coloradolady, I miss him so much but I can always hear him in my ear. I have picture of him in my quilting studio and I can see it while I quilt. I hope to pass my love of quilting down to next generations, maybe even to my son’s wife. Thanks so much for looking, means a lot to me!

  6. You are a very talented quilter. I love what you did on Jacquie’s spiderweb….very inspired and fits the style of quilt just perfectly. I attend the KCMQG and look forward to seeing your other creations…and maybe even the selvedge quilt up close and personal! My grandmother was my quilting inspiration so I loved your ‘getting started’ story!

  7. I love your story!

    My grandma took a quilting class when she was in her early 70’s. She did about 75% of a sampler quilt and then put it away. The year before she died at the age of 94, I found her quilt tucked away in a bag with all the pieces ready to go. I took it home and spent the next few months finishing her quilt and then gave it to her for Christmas that year. She was thrilled and couldn’t believe SHE had done most of the work 😉 I was hooked on quilting from this day on!

  8. Do you have information on your quilting services?


  9. I just love this post! How special that he was able to teach you.

    Has your husband won a quilt yet?

  10. Mary Jane says:

    Amazing! I didn’t know you did quilting! Are they hand-stitched or sewing machine? My MIL does hand quilting and it is gorgeous, and I love quilts. Gary used to want me to do quilting but it looks like too much work to me and not relaxing!!!

    God bless! MJ

  11. Celine Spader says:

    I love your story!!! Its great to hear how you got started quilting & the wonderful family you have now.

  12. I enjoyed your program today at the Gladstone quilt guild, it really inspired me to continue quilting on my regular sewing machine and to try new designs. I am starting to become interested in the modern quilts since it is more the style my daughter and her friends are interested in.

  13. FYI, I use the same theme you use for your blog. It used to bug me that I couldn’t see the tab behind the search box. Then figure out you can remove the search box off the top and use a widgit to put it on the side.

    From the dashboard go to the appearance section and choose Theme options. The first Item is to hide the search box. Check that.

    If you want to add a search box to the right, go into your widgits and drag the search widigit to the right.

    Just thought you might like to know.

    C Harnisch

  14. This is such a beautiful story! Thanks for sharing. My husband’s family started having family reunions about 5 years ago in Asheville and I usually had to work and couldn’t go but I made a lap quilt for the hosts one year because It was my thank you for having them and for taking my husband as a house guest. In Sept. of 2011, I got some emails and asked if people would want to make a 12.5″ square and send to me and I would make a quilt for the hosts. I almost done with it. It will be a surprise for them in July of 2012 at the reunion and maybe I can go this year.

  15. Hi Angela,

    I have just found your blog and wanted to nominate you for the Versatile Blogger award:)

    See my link for how to proceed further and thank you for your great posts


  16. Sandra Austin says:

    Yes I have recently heard you tell the story how you begun to quilt and it is very precious.


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