Machine Quilting Services

I have received a lot of emails with questions, so I thought that I would post some random FAQs that I have received the last few weeks:

How much do you charge for your quilting?

This is the number one question I get, and the short answer is that it varies. My base price is 3.5 cents a square inch and it goes up from there depending on the complexity and density of the quilting. If you want to know how much it would cost to have your quilt done, you can email me a picture of your top and the measurements of your quilt. We can discuss how you would like it quilted and I can tell you how much. Not an estimate, but a “for sure” price.

Does your quilting fee include batting?

It doesn’t include batting. I have Quilter’s Dream Poly batting on hand in my studio if you would like to purchase it from me. Or you are more than welcome to supply the batting that you would like used. Please be aware though that the better quality batting produces a better result.

What other fees do you have?

I have no thread fees, no loading fees, or any other miscellaneous fees.

What kind of thread do you use?

Since I have a Longarm quilting machine, I used thread that is for quilting machines. My all-time favorite thread is So Fine thread, a high quality 50wt. polyester thread made especially for machine quilting at high speeds. It blends great and come in an array of colors. If you prefer cotton thread, I can definitely use that as well. Unfortunately, I am unable to use thread that isn’t for machine quilting.

How long have you been machine quilting?

I have had my quilting machine for over 7 years.

How should I prepare my top and backing for quilting?

For the best results, a quilt top should have all seams pressed and threads trimmed. The backing needs to be about 4 inches bigger than the top on all sides. If the backing has seams, press them as well.

How do you decide how to quilt a top?

You, as the customer, have as much say in the quilting as you want. You tell how you want it quilted and I will do my best to achieve it. Many of my customers, however, leave the decisions up to me. Some questions I often ask quilters are: How much quilting do you like on a quilt? What areas of the quilt do you want the focus to be on? What designs do you NOT like? What color thread do you want used on the quilt? What do you plan to use the quilt for (lots of wear and tear, or barely used)?

How can I contact you?

Please feel free to email me any questions at

Please feel free to let me know if you have any other questions and I will be glad to answer them!


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