Quilt Market Recap~ Empty Bobbin

Are you all getting tired of the Quilt Market Recaps yet? I sure hope not, because I have a lot of them! Today’s recap is all about Shea, the dynamic force behind Empty Bobbin Sewing Studio.

Angela Walters and Shea Henderson

Shea and I go way back, she is one of my oldest customers. I think the first quilt I did for her was back in 2003…..but don’t quote me on that. She calls it “vintage Angela” although I would refer to it as “crappy Angela”. She quit teaching a few years ago, started her pattern company and hasn’t looked back!

Empty bobbin sewing studio logo

This market marked a couple of firsts. Her first booth and her first pattern with a licensed designer….me!

bleachers quilt pattern

But besides designing patterns for her pattern company,  I also do her quilting. Even though she is really good at free motion quilting!

quilt market booth

Her booth had a lot of quilts in it! All of which I quilted….makes me a little tired just looking at it!

bleachers quilt pattern

Here is a shot of the corner of the booth. Hanging on the wall to the right is her newest pattern, Crosshatch. Which I blogged about a couple of months ago!

quilt booth

She also released two other patterns, an advent calendar and a pillow. But I failed to get pictures of those!

I also failed to get a picture of Parson Gray (designer of the fabric used in the Bleachers quilt) dropping by the booth, and posing with Richie (Shea’s husband). But at least someone else took a picture!

parson gray quilt

Happy Quilting!


Quilt Market Recap~ Tula Pink

So it probably goes without saying at this point that I quilted the quilts for Tula Pink’s double booth. This was a busy market for her, she was promoting her book and two fabric lines!
Angela Walters and Tula Pink

I made sure to get a picture of us together, I usually forget!

Her booth was cleverly divided in half, her dark side and her light side. The dark side represented her fabric line, Nightshade.

First up, her Stacked quilt (a pattern from her book). We got a lot of attention for this one!

Stacked quilt

I blogged about this quilt earlier. When I was quilting it, it was just for fun….a little inside joke between her and I. But the response to the quilt and the quilting has been overwhelming. It spawned a love letter from her as well as a lot of buzz on the internet. Too funny!

In case you aren’t tired of this quilt, here is a close up shot:

close up of spiderweb feathers

I also quilted this Kiss Kiss quilt for the “dark side”:
kiss kiss quilt pattern with modern quilting

I have also already blogged about this one, but it was nice to visit it again!

And one last Nightshade quilt, Snowglobes:
snowglobes quilt pattern

A detail shot:
close up of feather quilting

Now for the lighter side of Tula Pink, The Birds and The Bees. I couldn’t blog about any of these before market, since she hadn’t debuted the line yet…..but I can share them now!!! First is a Cartwheels quilt remade with the new fabric:
Cartwheels quilt with birds and the bees

I tried to quilt each wheel with different designs.
close up of quilting cartwheel quilt

And of course, her custom quilt backs:
birds and the bees tula pink

A close up of the Dreamweaver quilt made from the pattern in her book:


And lastly, Space Dust. This one is going to be released as a pattern and I hear that it is much easier to piece than it looks!!

Space dust quilt pattern

I may have been busted taking pictures of Tula’s booth. Even though I quilted them, it was nice to see them hanging and all finished.

Tula Pinks booth at Quilt Market

Picture taken by Jenny

Sorry for the picture heavy post, but with much eye candy in one place, I have to include it all!!!!

Happy Quilting!

Dimensions, a free quilt pattern

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to design and machine quilt a quilt for Modern Quilts Unlimited. Modern Quilts Unlimited is a new magazine focused on modern quilts and the modern quilting community. They displayed the quilt in their booth at Quilt Market and also handed out a free pattern for the quilt.
modern quilt free pattern
I used Kona solids and I had so much fun quilting it!
solid fabrics quilt
One of my techniques for quilting modern quilts is to combine quilting designs, which I did on this quilt!
close up of modern quilting
In the gold and tan half square triangles, I quilted a very dense back and forth design. I love the contrast that it adds to the quilt!
dense longarm quilting
Here is a link to the free pattern!

I am the resident blogger for MQU and have also blogged about on their site, so go check it out! If you end up making the quilt, I would love to see a picture of it!!! I just may end up blogging about it!

Happy Quilting!

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