Class Descriptions

Interested in taking a class or hosting me for a workshop? Here are a list of classes available and the descriptions for each one. Each class can be modified to fit the time allotted. They can also be adapted and/or combined to meet your specific needs. Contact me at with any questions.

Machine Quilting for the Modern Quilt -(available as a Lecture, a Demonstration, or a Hands on class)

You’ve heard about modern quilts, you’ve seen modern quilts, and you’ve even made a few. One question still remains: how do you quilt a modern quilt? Professional machine quilter Angela Walters will demystify all of the daunting aspects of quilting for the modern quilt, including how to handle solid and unconventional fabrics, irregular shapes, and negative space. Her relaxed approach to modern machine quilting will ease your fears and spark your imagination. This lecture is suitable for quilters of all levels, and includes a mini-trunk show and a question and answer session.

Quilting Negative Space -(available as a Lecture, a Demonstration, or a Hands on class)

Negative space is a hallmark of the modern quilt, but it can also be intimidating. Professional machine quilter Angela Walters will turn that negative space into a positive in her informative, interactive lecture. Topics covered include techniques for changing up the scale of your design, how to divide your piece into smaller spaces, and tips for adapting these methods to other parts of your quilt. This lecture also includes several examples and samples, as well as plenty of time for Q&A.

Quilting Efficiently – Lecture

Time is money, especially when you quilt for a living. Thanks to years of quilting five (or more) quilts a week, professional machine quilter Angela Walters is an expert on using your time and resources efficiently to give both you and your customer the biggest bang for their buck. Angela’s lecture will show you how to create an organizational plan that will help you better manage your time without sacrificing an ounce of quality. Perfect for professional quilters, this lecture is also great for the self-quilter with more projects than hours in a day.

Buying a Quilting Machine – Lecture

Whether you’re in the market for a longarm quilting machine or a sewing machine that can do double duty for piecing and quilting, your end purchase will be a huge investment. Professional quilter Angela Walters will discuss the options and price points of a variety of machines to help make your decision a little easier. She’ll also share her checklist of considerations for buying any quilting machine, which includes available space, physical constraints, and intended use. This unbiased lecture will set you on the right path to picking the perfect machine for your particular quilting needs.

Moving Beyond Feathers- (Available as a Lecture, Demonstration or Hands On Class)

Do you love quilting feathers but are looking for something new? Machine quilter Angela Walters will show you some new motifs for your quilts. Get ready to try out scrolls, vines and circles in your quilt borders, sashing and blocks. Leave the class with new ideas and inspiration for even more quilting designs!

Trunk Show/Q&A – Lecture

Angela Walters is one of today’s most in-demand modern machine quilters, but did you know that she learned to quilt from her husband’s grandfather? Grandpa Ford took her through every step of making her own nine-patch quilt and there was no denying that Angela was bit by the quilting bug. Like many modern quilters, Angela started out as a traditionalist, but as her career as a machine quilter grew, so did her love of modern quilts in all their forms. In this informal lecture, Angela will share the story of how she turned a new hobby into a thriving machine quilting business. Be prepared to examine her beautiful work up close and personal–she has a trunk full of quilts that she just can’t wait to share.

Running a Machine Quilting Business – Lecture

After nine years as a professional quilter, Angela Walters knows the ins and outs of running your own machine quilting business. She’ll share some insider secrets, including the supplies you’ll need, marketing you should do, and how to combine social media with an age-old craft. Whether you’re looking to start a business from the ground-up or improve the business you already have, this lecture is a great opportunity to pick the brain of one of the most successful modern machine quilters today.

Blogging For Business- Lecture

If you are in the business of quilting, then you know that customers are the lifeblood. An effective blog will help you draw in more customers and will help encourage your current customers to refer you to their friends! After being in business for 9 years, Angela Walters agrees that starting a blog helped catapult her business to the next level! Students will get tips on starting a blog, ideas on what to blog about as well as pointers on “blog etiquette”. Once you are finished with this class you will be inspired to start a blog or improve your existing blog.



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