A binding tip…………

I wanted to share a tip I read on an online forum for machine quilting. This gal (unfortunately I don’t have her name) said she uses her used thread cones to wrap binding on.


Normally I wrap my binding around a toilet paper tube or piece of cardboard, but where’s the fun in that? Not only does it look a little better, the binding rolls off the cone so easily and without twisting. I am not a fan of binding so anything that makes it easier is a big plus for me!

Hope you are having a great Monday!




  1. What a great idea! I also use the spool from the big spools of curling ribbon. It keeps the binding very neat. I try to make my binding as I finish my quilts. I then put it on the spool and it is ready to go when it comes back from the long-armer!

  2. I agree this looks better than the tp cardboard roll – I LOVE seeing my rolls lined up waiting for quilts to return from the pro so I can bind them up.

    My additional trick is I thread the roll on a string that hands horizontally around my neck to feed effortlessly into the machine as I stitch it on. Perhaps that goes without saying to the initiated, but just in case….

    I look forward to trying your talents on one of my quilts soon. Just finished a big crop and now starting a new batch. All are for fun and gifts, but I am systematic about these things.

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