I feel so offical…..

Because I now have a logo:

What do you think??

Last month, I was chatting with Sarah at my quilt guild. (Except at that time I didn’t know she was graphic designer Sarah) I showed her what I thought a cool logo would be, and she said that she could “digitize” it for me. Next thing I know, she made a logo, set up some business cards and made some buttons for my blog! She is uber-talented and even sweeter.

So now you can share the love on your blog! First I have the  “Angela is my quilter” button. If I have quilted for you and you want to put it on your blog, I would be honored.

The second button she made was a “Quilting is my therapy” button. Again, feel free to add this to your blog!

The code for both of the buttons is on the right side of my blog, grab it if you want!

If you are reading this on a blog reader, you should click on my blog and see the header she made me also!

Here it is! You have to see it up close on my blog to see the quilting detail on it.

Thanks again to Sarah for such great work!

Also, I have been quilting almost every available moment of the day. After Quilt Market, I will be able to show pictures. Thanks for looking!!!!



  1. Very cool! I’ll be putting the “Angela is my quilter,” very soon!

  2. Beautiful! What a blessing to have somebody put your vision to reality!

  3. sillyandrea says:

    Looks gorgeous. 🙂

  4. Laura Lee Tawney says:

    Wow, what a great logo!! Congrats and will look forward to seeing more posts about your quilting!
    Laura T

  5. Nikki McD says:

    Looks really nice!

  6. Love!

  7. Awesome Angela!

  8. Yay!!! Looks good. : )

  9. Sharon Vickery says:

    Awesome logo. You continue to grow and I’m so pleased to know you and you are definitely “my quilter”.

  10. What a great logo!!

  11. It’s beautiful! Sarah did a great job. 🙂

  12. Beautiful logo! Love the swirl and the stitches.

  13. Connie Williams says:

    I love it. A wonderful logo for a beautiful new quilting room.

  14. Great new logo!

  15. i love it and it’s now up lady friend! 🙂

  16. This logo is gorgeous! Congratulations!

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